Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle's Husband Allegedly 'Fed Up' Being 'Spare' To Brother Prince William, Royal Biographer Claims

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Prince Harry and Prince William were very close growing up and they were able to maintain their tight bond even after the Duke of Cambridge married his wife, Kate Middleton.

However, they separated their households after the Duke of Sussex married Meghan Markle. According to a report, Prince Harry allegedly got tired of being a spare to Prince William.

Prince Harry Allegedly Fed Up That Prince William 'Always Has It Better'


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will skip Prince Philip's memorial service later this month. Their spokesperson confirmed their absence but didn't share the reason behind their decision.

Some speculate that he is hard at work in finishing his memoir. The Duke of Sussex announced the book last year and royal biographer Angela Levin said his book came because he was allegedly "fed up" being the "spare to the heir."

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"Brother William always had things better than him. Wills would go to tea with his great gran, the Queen Mother, for early lessons on how to be a monarch, but Harry wasn’t allowed to go," Levin wrote in The Sun last year, per Express.

"His big brother got better results than him at school and he always had to take second place and Meghan pointed out to him that this was not on. Prince Harry and his wife know they can score a huge number of points by opening up and saying all sorts of private things about the royals. And Harry now sees that he is winning by spouting nasty distasteful comments about his family."

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How's Prince Harry and Prince William's Relationship?


There are rumors that Prince William and Prince Harry are still at odds. However, they appeared friendly in their last sighting together.

The royal siblings were last spotted in July at the unveiling of their mom Princess Diana's statue on what would have been her 60th birthday. The Duke of Sussex flew to the U.K. alone for the event.

Prince William and Prince Harry were also spotted exiting the chapel in April after their grandfather Prince Philip's funeral. Kate Middleton walked with them and played the role of a peacemaker by letting the siblings have their own moment.

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According to Stewart Pearce, who was present at the event, Princess Diana and Prince Charles' sons were very relaxed at the event. He wasn't convinced that the rumored feud was that bad.

"It dispels any of the brouhaha over the fact that there’s a rift," Princess Diana's voice coach told Us Weekly. "I didn’t believe that there was a rift. There was a slight disagreement, but I mean, who doesn’t disagree with his brother? But [it’s] been blown out of complete proportion, it’s been overly dramatized. They both were so relaxed."

Prince Harry's book will be out later this year.

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