Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle, Prince William's Brother Could Evaporate If They Distance Themselves From Royal Family, Royal Author Ian Lloyd Claims

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Prince Harry is allegedly on the brink of "evaporating" and should be careful with his relationship with the royal family. A royal author believed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were only popular because of their connection to the British royals.

Prince Harry Could Lose Popularity If He Struck The Wrong Chord With The Royal Family

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down from their royal duties in 2020 to carve their own lives. They moved and settled in California.


However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's move was not the wisest for some because distancing from the royals took a toll on their popularity.

Royal author Ian Lloyd said Prince William's brother should take good care of his relationship with his family or risk the public rapport and "evaporate." Lloyd believed that Prince Harry's popularity was due to his royal ties.

"Why is Harry a big name in America? It is because his mother was Diana and his grandmother Elizabeth II," Lloyd told Express, per Geo.Tv. "If he does distance himself from the Royal Family that brand will eventually be damaged, he will be just another foreign prince."

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He added, "It's a shame because he has got the Invictus Games and quite a lot going for him. But I think he is in danger of evaporating."

Lloyd also weighed in on the royal couple's deal with Netflix and Spotify. They signed a multi-billion, multi-year deal with the two companies but haven't delivered fresh content yet.

"Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haven't had a great launch in America… They have promised a lot and so far, nothing much has happened," Lloyd continued. "They will soon realise that Netflix and other deals it is just people ultimately wanting to trade on their royal status… Harry needs to be working in close ties with the Royal Family to heal the divisions to strengthen his own brand."

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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Should Prepare For Prince Charles' Reign

Royal correspondent and commentator Daniela Elser warned the Duke and Duchess of Sussex about the Prince of Wales' nearing reign. Elser believed that the Prince of Wales' reign is a "cause for serious alarm" to his youngest son and his daughter-in-law because their relationship with Prince Charles is allegedly strained.

She also reminded the Sussexes, who pride themselves on having the best relationship with the current monarch, that their future relies on the heir apparent.

"Like it or not, a number of decisions about their future won’t be made by 10 per cent-taking managers, PR firms and business agents but 8500km away in London," Elser wrote.

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"Decisions like, what sort of relationship they might be able to hope for with his family; whether their son Archie and daughter Lilibet will be made both HRHs and Prince/Princess when their grandfather accedes; and even whether, if their commercial ambitions grow, they face serious monarchical pressure to stop using their gifted Sussex titles."

Do you agree that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should take good care of their relationship with the royal family because their popularity depends on their royal ties?

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