Prince Harry Shock: Legal Team Of Meghan Markle's Husband Leaked Confidential Court Documents? Duke Reportedly Suffered 'Substantial Hurt, Embarrassment And Distress' Because Of ThisLeaking Docyurt

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Prince Harry continues to make headlines even after his shocking royal exit with Meghan Markle in January 2020. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex previously claimed that their desire to become financially independent and free from the never-ending criticisms of the British media motivated them to step back from their senior royal roles and make their infamous Megxit.

In February, Prince Harry revealed that he challenged a Home Office decision after being told he would no longer receive the "same degree" of personal protective security whenever he sets his foot on British soil, even after he offered to pay it himself. The brother of Prince William also claimed that he, Meghan Markle, Archie, and Lilibet are unable to return to the U.K. because it is too dangerous.

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Recently, Mr. Justice Swift lambasted the legal team of Prince Harry for failing to keep parts of court documents in the case confidential. Keep on reading to know more details.


Prince Harry's Lawyers Criticized For Allegedly Leaking Documents

The judge claimed that s copy of Thursday's ruling had been emailed to someone who was not a lawyer, which is against court rules. Justice Swift even called it "entirely unacceptable."

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In response, Prince Harry's lawyer, Shaheed Fatima, and her team said they were unsure about whether sending the draft judgment last week was a breach. However, the legal team decided to report it to the judge on Wednesday, March 23.

However, Mr. Justice Swift stated it was a "clear breach" and questioned why it had not been raised by Prince Harry's legal team immediately. He said:

"It should have been obvious that what happened was a breach. At the very least, it should have been obvious that it needed to be reported to the judge, me, at as soon as possible. It is also unacceptable that you come without an apology to the court."

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Shaheed Fatima stated she took full responsibility and apologized that she did not think fully before sending the said emails. Regarding the privacy of some of the cases' documents, Justice Swift stated:

"Some of the information relied on concerns security arrangements put in place either for the claimant or for other public figures in the United Kingdom. For obvious reasons information on such matters usually remains confidential."

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He added that some parts of his reasons for the decision would have to remain confidential as well. The judge even said not editing out security procedure information from court documents would "impair the effectiveness of arrangements in place now, or which may be put in the future."

Justin Swift went on to say that:

"Information about these matters would self-evidently be of interest to anyone wishing to harm a person .... and assist them to piece together previous practice with a view to anticipating present or future security provision."

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The ruling on Thursday only covers the redaction of documents. It does not decide the merits of Prince Harry's claims against the Home Office or if it can go to a full hearing.


Shaheed Fatima, during a hearing last month, told the court that Prince Harry considers the U.K. his home even if he is already settled in his Montecito mansion in California with Meghan Markle, Archie, and Lilibet. A representative for the Duke of Sussex also said he wants to fund the security himself, instead of asking British taxpayers to foot the bill.

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Here's Why Prince Harry Reportedly Suffers 'Embarrassment and Distress'

Meanwhile, lawyers of Prince Harry have claimed that he suffered "substantial hurt, embarrassment, and distress" caused by media coverage of his legal moves. The husband of Meghan Markle is suing The Mail on Sunday over what he deems as defamatory exclusive that described how "Harry tried to keep his legal fight over bodyguards secret."

Prince Harry's legal team stated the story and "adverse and hostile" comments by readers were "self-evidently exceptionally serious and damaging" and constitute an "attack on his honesty and integrity," which "undermines his fitness to be involved both in [the] charitable and philanthropic world."

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The youngest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana is seeking damages of libel, an injection preventing the publication from re-publishing defamatory statements and even publishing of the High Court's judgment.


The lawyers of Prince Harry furthered that The Mail on Sunday article had inspired a "feeding frenzy of hostile comments" aimed at Meghan Markle's better half. The Mail on Sunday first divulged the Duke of Sussex was seeking judicial review of the Home Office's decision not to provide police protection for him and his family when visiting the U.K.

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Shortly after the said article was published, the team of Prince Harry sent out a statement confirming that he was seeking judicial review. The statement read:

"The Duke first offered to pay personally for U.K. police protection for himself and his family in January of 2020 at Sandringham."

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