Prince Harry Shock: Duke Of Sussex, Prince William Allegedly Still Have A 'Very Bad' Relationship, Future Roles Brought 'Major Tension' Between Them, Royal Biographer Tina Brown Claims

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Prince Harry and Prince William allegedly had a falling-out and their relationship has never recovered. The two princes were last seen together at the unveiling of their mom Princess Diana's statue on her supposed 60th birthday last year.

Prince Harry And Prince William's Relationship Still The Same, No Progress?

Princess Diana's biographer Tina Brown weighed in on Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship ahead of the release of her new book The Palace Papers. According to her, the royal siblings' relationship is still "very bad."


"I’m told there’s absolutely nothing going on between them at the moment," she told The Telegraph, per Express.

According to her, the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex's future roles also played a major tension between the two. Prince William is the future king and his younger brother has grown up as his spare.

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Their mom Princess Diana wanted them to receive the same treatment, but it was not possible in a royal household where the heir to the throne tends to receive special attention for his major role in the monarchy.

"The truth is the more charismatic prince was the younger brother. That was very difficult because Harry had to be contained and a role found for him. The truth is the more charismatic prince was the younger brother. That was very difficult because Harry had to be contained and a role found for him," Brown continued.

"Gradually, that became a major tension between them. William had this great destiny ahead of him, he knew who he was. For Harry, it’s like, 'Who am I going to be – Uncle Andrew? Am I really going there?'"

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Prince Harry Might Worsen Relationship With Prince William In Upcoming Memoir

The Duke of Sussex will be dropping his memoir later this year. However, there are some concerns that it may make things worse between him and the other members of the royal family.

Brown claims that Prince Harry could target Camilla and Prince Charles. Meghan Markle's husband allegedly didn't make peace with their relationship. He was also reportedly "very angry" when the Queen announced that the Duchess of Cornwall will be Queen Consort in the future.

Prince Harry might also go after his older brother. The Duke of Cambridge was furious when Markle attacked Middleton because the latter abide by the royal's mantra "never complain never explain" and would not respond to her allegations.

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However, Prince Harry is unlikely to attack his sister-in-law, Middleton, as he is reportedly "fond" of her. The Duke of Sussex once said that Middleton was the sister he never had.

"Because Harry’s not going to go after the Queen, she’s sacrosanct. And he probably won’t go after Kate, whom he’s very fond of. But he will go after Charles and Camilla and maybe William," Brown said. "And that’s so unhelpful to them all at this particular moment; for William, that’s the big cloud in their relationship right now."

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