Prince Harry Shock: Duke Of Sussex Could End Up Like King Edward VIII Who Abdicated Throne To Pursue The Love Of His Life

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Prince Harry could end up the same as King Edward VIII after leaving the royal family. The Duke of Sussex and the former king both decided to step back from their royal duties to pursue the love of their life.

Prince Harry Coul End Up Like His Great-Great Uncle Edward VIII

The Duke of Sussex and Queen Elizabeth II's uncle have a few similarities. The latter abdicated the throne to marry twice-divorced and American socialite Wallis Simpson.


Prince Harry decided to step back from his royal duties because his wife, Meghan Markle, was not happy in the U.K. The Duchess of Sussex is also an American and was previously married before she met the Duke of Sussex.

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Royal biographer Tom Quinn shared his fear about Prince Harry suffering the same fate as the former king. Edward VIII lived a miserable life afterward because "he thought he would have a role but suddenly he found he had nothing to do," Quinn said on To Di For Daily. In addition, he "couldn't get a job and the British government wouldn't give him a job and he was no longer King."

The Scandals of the Royal Palaces author was convinced that there was a "real danger" that Prince Harry could end up the same as his ancestor because he has no role in the royal family and is only a spare. However, he believed that Prince Harry was just "madly in love with Meghan and wants to make her happy."

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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Might Return As Part-Time Working Royals

Meanwhile, Quinn also believed that there are chances for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to resume their royal duties. However, he believed that if they do, it would only be under Prince Charles' kingship and they would only be working part-time like spending six months as working royals and spending the rest of the year in the U.S.


Quinn said it would only happen after Queen Elizabeth II because the royal couple has always wanted to serve the monarchy while doing their personal stuff which Her Majesty didn't approve of. Prince Harry and Markle allegedly had no plans to leave the royal family and "had it all mapped out in their heads" how they could carry out their royal duties while pursuing private works. But to their dismay, the Queen vetoed their "one foot in, one foot out approach."

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The Queen gave them a year to finalize their decision whether they leave their royal duties or not. They decided to stand by their initial decision prompting the Queen to strip them of their royal patronages and military affiliations. Despite that, the royal couple has no regrets about their decision.

"It's only now that they've found a life that supports their interests and enables them to focus on the things that are important to them," royal biographer and correspondent Omid Scobie, author of Finding Freedom, told People.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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