Prince Harry Seeking Closure With the Royal Family as Collateral Damage? Meghan Markle’s Husband Is Not Vindictive, Expert Says

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Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

It's not a secret that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a falling out with his family. Their beef prompted fans to speculate that he would attack the royal family in his memoir, Spare. However, royal correspondent Jennie Bond doesn't think so. But she also believed that it will be a difficult read for the royal family.

Prince Harry Is Not Vindictive, Royal Correspondent Claims

Bond spoke with OK! magazine about the Duke of Sussex's upcoming memoir. The book is expected to contain bombshell revelations about his family.

Several experts said Prince Harry's book could make or break his relationship with the royal family. For Bond, it could also be a good start to work on their relationship.

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"I can't see that things are going to be very easy after January 10. But perhaps once Harry's got it all out there, maybe it could mark a starting point to try to fully repair their relationship," she said, Express reported. "I don't think Harry's a vindictive man and I don't think he would hurt his family unnecessarily or wilfully."

She continued, "But I think Harry wants closure and I think [members of the royal family] are going to be the collateral damage in his journey towards that closure."

Meanwhile, royal commentator Daniela Elser believed that Prince Harry's book could further damage his already strained relationship with his family.

"If he is going to tell-all in the most literal sense, it could very likely represent the final torching of whatever rickety bridges remain between himself and his family," Elser said, MSN reported.

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What Did Royal Experts Say About The Title Of Prince Harry's Book?

Several royal experts felt that the choice of title for Prince Harry's memoir was quite "derogatory." His biographers, Angela Levin and Duncan Larcombe didn't approve of Spare as the title of his memoir.

"It's nonsense," Levin told Sky News Australia about Prince Harry's title choice. "Harry was the next most popular to the Queen. He liked to muck about, liked to be a bit naughty. He was full of energy. When I wrote his biography [from] 2017 to 2018, he just was a live wire, fantastic with people of all ages, all sorts, so it sounds so derogatory to call yourself spare as if nobody wanted you."

Larcombe seemingly echoed the same sentiment. He told Fox News Digital that "spare" is "a derogatory term in royal circles."

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"The spare to the heir is someone who is not as important and as worthy as their older sibling," Larcombe explained. "And that's certainly something that hasn't been a very easy role historically for Prince Harry but also Prince Andrew, Charles's brother, and of course, Princess Margaret, the queen's sister."

He added, "So it kind of looks very clearly that Harry's intent on taking a kind of victim position, because he's giving the [title] a derogatory term, and presumably what will follow is a book about how hard it was being born in his brother's shadow."


What do you think of Prince Harry's memoir, and how will it affect his relationship with his family?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Harry.

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