Prince Harry Memoir A Burn Book? Will Meghan Markle's Husband Be Absolutely Outrageous In His Narrative About His Royal Life?

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Prince Harry announced last year that he was writing a memoir. He will drop the anticipated book later this year and there are various rumors about it making his relationship with the royal family worse. Princess Diana's former voice coach Stewart Pearce weighed in on what royal fans could expect in Prince Harry's book.

Prince Harry Is Not Releasing A Burn Book

Stewart Pearce spoke with Us Weekly's Christina Garibaldi last week and they discussed the Duke of Sussex's upcoming memoir. Garibaldi asked Pearce his thoughts about Prince Harry's book and whether he believes it will be a "burn book" based on how he knows Princess Diana's son.


"I've always felt that the conduct of both Meghan and Harry all the way through this liberationist campaign has been forthright and candid. But I've never seen it to be disgraceful. I've never seen them use expletives or rancor in relation to the substance of the emotional sway of the royal family," Stewart Pearce said. "So I feel that the book won't have a burning mechanism within it because, after all as I think we may have shared before Harry's point of view has been formulated through two and a half years of psychotherapy."

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He pointed out how Prince Harry sought psychotherapy for his mental health. Pearce explained how this works and might affect the royal's approach in writing his book.

"One of the essential tenets of psychotherapy is that once we begin to really identify what the crises are that has led to unstable or unbalanced mental health within ourselves is that we begin to take full responsibility for crisis equals opportunity for change," he explained.

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"So we don't start blaming people or accusing people rather, what we do is to seek insight and resolution. So I feel the book will actually be candid, but it won't be excoriating. You know it won't rip the skin off anybody or burn anybody."

For him, there is too much delicacy going on and he believes Prince Harry will honor and respect the extraordinary function of the British royal family.

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Will Prince Harry Be Absolutely Outrageous In His Memoir?

Pearce believed that if ever Prince Harry would be absolutely outrageous in his memoir, he would still consider the parameter and might follow his mother, Princess Diana's approach. So, the royal family need not be concerned about the book.

"If he were to be absolutely outrageous about something, he would always find the parameter of what that outrage is all about. So he may be living through the impetuosity that Diana had, but we never saw anything that she did to be callous or gross. She was forthright and she was true and she spoke her heart and her mind but she was never ever difficult about, you know, being cruel and being rude about people," the Diana: The Voice of Change author explained.

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"Harry carries the same level of sensitivity, so he can be impetuous. He can be brave, he can be courageous, he can be highly independent as we see in this liberationist streak that he's developed with his dear wife. But at the same time, I don't see that he would ever be ungracious or rude. So he would always check out parameters."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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