Prince Harry Heartbreak: Queen Could Remove Duke Of Sussex As Counsellor Of State But Not Prince Andrew, Report Claims

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Prince Harry and Prince Andrew seem to be on the same boat. Both stepped down from their royal duties, although they did for different reasons. There are claims that the two dukes will be removed as Counsellor of States, but only the Duke of Sussex might lose the role.

Prince Harry Could Be Removed From Role As Counsellor Of State

The Duke of Sussex could be ineligible to be among the four Counsellor of State in the U.K. based on a new parliamentary briefing paper, according to Mirror. The rules on residency suggest that Prince Harry is not suitable for the role. However, Prince Andrew still qualifies for it despite his alleged involvement with Jeffrey Epstein and being stripped of his royal patronages, military affiliations and HRH title.


To be a Counsellor of State, one must live in the U.K., the 1937 Act stated.

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"Under the 1937 Act, a Counsellor of State must be domiciled in 'some part' of the UK," the guidance read. Furthermore, the 1943 Regency Act stated that the monarch can exclude a potential Counsellor if it "appears to the Sovereign" that they will be absent from the U.K. for all or part of the period that they are required to stand in.

Mirror has already contacted Buckingham Palace for comment but hasn't gotten an immediate response.

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Prince Harry And Prince Andrew Should Be Removed As Counsellor Of State

Royal correspondent Richard Eden claimed earlier that Buckingham Palace is considering the removal of Prince Harry and Prince Andrew as Counsellor of State. Several netizens agreed that both should be removed.


"They need to get this sorted ASAP. We CAN'T have someone who has given interviews saying how much he dislikes England, gone on global TV to say the things he did about the Monarchy and the institution AND now taking the government to court, as a CoS," one wrote referring to Prince Harry and his ongoing legal battle with the Home Office over his request to pay for police protection in the U.K.

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"Totally agree. They must be removed now. Several great options. Camilla Anne Edward Kate. All working royals committed and loyal," another added.

"Absolutely right they should be removed. Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge need to be installed as replacements," a third user commented.

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"It Must Be Done ASAP! People like me are Fed Up with RF mixing Private matters with Official Duty! Keep Haz&PA close to your heart if you wish But Remove Them from Any Official Duty like Councillors of State, Official website, LOS. Move forward with people who’s Deserving to be there," a fourth user opined.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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