Prince Harry Heartbreak: Meghan Markle’s Husband’s Popularity Declined After Quitting The Firm? Duke Of Sussex Reportedly Still More Popular Than One Royal

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Prince Harry shocked The Firm and the entire world when he announced that he would be relocating to the United States with his wife, Meghan Markle.

When he announced his decision, the Duke of Sussex made it clear that he offered to continue his royal duties even if he would be living thousands of miles away, but Queen Elizabeth didn’t approve his request. So, Prince Harry and Markle were forced to step down from their royal duties.

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Prince Harry’s Popularity Declined In Recent Years

It's only been two years since the dad of two made the shock announcement, but it has already affected his popularity in Britain. According to an Ipsos survey conducted between March 24 and 25, Prince Harry is no longer as popular as he once was before he married Markle.

Out of the over 2,000 respondents that participated in the survey only 30 percent were in favor of Prince Harry. His approval rating also dropped 35 percentage points from 2018 just before his royal wedding, according to Express.


However, fewer people were in favor of Prince Harry’s wife in the survey, and this shows a 16 percent decline from her approval rating in 2018. But even though the couple’s popularity ratings were low, they were still higher compared to Prince Andrew.

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Prince Andrew Less Popular Compared To Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

The Duke of York received at least 69 percent of the votes from people that have unfavorable opinions of him. Prince Andrew has been receiving negative comments and reactions from royal fans and royal experts throughout the past couple of years.


After he settled his sexual abuse lawsuit, the Duke of York shocked the public when he arrived at Prince Philip’s memorial service with Queen Elizabeth in tow. Some royal experts claimed that this was the queen’s way of showing the entire world that she supports her favorite son.

But even if this is the case, the monarch is reportedly alone in supporting Prince Andrew. After all, Prince Charles and Prince William distanced themselves from the Duke of York during the royal family’s recent outing.

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Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton Receive High Popularity Votes

Meanwhile, other members of the royal family received higher popularity points in last month’s survey. Almost half of the respondents believe that Prince Charles has been doing a good job in his role as the heir to the throne. They also believe that he would be a wonderful king.


Prince Charles has also been undertaking more royal duties and engagements on behalf of the queen. And he also showed the queen support following the death of Prince Philip last year.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, and Kate Middleton also received high popularity ratings in the survey. Approximately 69 percent gave the queen a favorable vote, and Prince William and Middleton earned 64 and 60 percent of the votes, respectively.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also been supporting the queen after throughout the past couple of years. And they would continue to do so until after Prince William’s reign.

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