Prince Edward Shock: Queen Elizabeth's Youngest Received An Offer To Be King Ahead Brother Prince Charles' Reign?

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Prince Edward could have been king ahead of his older brother, Prince Charles, had he accepted a bizarre offer in the 1990s. The Count of Wessex allegedly received a letter from a Royalist Party of Estonia that requested him to be their king.

Prince Edward Below The Line Of Succession But Received An Offer To Be King

Queen Elizabeth II's youngest child is way down the line of succession. Prince Edward knows that there is a slim chance of him succeeding his mother's throne. His older brother Prince Charles has lived most of his life preparing to be the next monarch.


Although Prince Edward's future to be a British monarch is dim, he once had a chance to be a king. In 1994, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, new countries were created in Eastern Europe. One of them was Estonia and in its first elections after the collapse of the USSR, a political party called the Independent Royalist Party of Estonia gained eight seats in the parliament.

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The party was seen as a protest group but wanted Estonia to be established as a monarchy similar to Sweden and Norway. So, the party contacted Prince Edward and offered him to be their king, according to Sunday Telegraph (via Mirror).

The letter described the Queen's youngest son a "young British prince much admired by Estonians," according to Estonian World.

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"Edward is perfect – young, royal, artistic and talented. We admire his Royal Highness Prince Edward enormously. We also admire Britain, its monarchy, democracy and culture," the letter continued, adding the party "would be most honoured if you [the monarchy] would accept this rare request."

Had Prince Edward accepted the odd offer, he would be king ahead of Prince Charles but not in England, instead, in Estonia.

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Was The Offer To Prince Edward Legit, What Happened To The Party?

It was true that the party sent a letter to Prince Edward. British journalist Robert Jobson, a royal expert and biographer, confirmed the existence of the letter.

However, according to the Estonian World, the Independent Royalist Party of Estonia was a "joke party." It was successful in the first post-Soviet elections in 1992. The party's MPs included some well-known comedians in Estonia like Priit Aimla, Kirill Teiter, and Ralf Parve.

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They allegedly stood out in the parliament for making fun of some of the proposed legislation and technical procedures. The Royalist Party's 1995 general election candidate list was rejected by the Estonian Electoral Committee due to several errors deeming it ineligible. After failing to stand for the elections, the party reportedly disintegrated.

Prince Edward is currently among the senior members of the royal family along with his wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex. The couple shares two children Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn. The family is among the royals who are very close to the Queen and late Prince Philip.

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There are rumors that Prince Charles will keep Prince Edward and Sophie when he reigns. The Count and Countess of Wessex are among the nine royals who will be maintaining their royal duties when the Prince of Wales takes over the throne.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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