Prince Charles Shock: Queen Elizabeth’s Heir Praised For Demonstrating Diplomacy, Compassion But His Public Image Hasn’t Reportedly Improved, Royal Author Claims

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Prince Charles is at the center of a major controversy after he was accused of allegedly accepting charitable donations from questionable sources. Reports claimed that the future king received over 3 million euros that were delivered in bags stuffed with banknotes from Qatar’s former Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani.

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Omid Scobie Praises Prince Charles For His Efforts To Exercise Diplomacy, Compassion

Amid the controversy, Finding Freedom author Omid Scobie praised Prince Charles for showing the art of diplomacy and compassion.


“It has only been Prince Charles who has successfully demonstrated the art of diplomacy and compassion to less able family members. [He did not] shy away from uncomfortable conversations about Britain’s imperialist past and historic role in the slave trade,” Scobie said (via Express).

Prince Harry and Markle’s biographer also said that even though Prince Charles did not directly apologize for the slave trade, his words when he addressed the issues showed his willingness to support realms and break away from colonial roots.

“He believes there is a fundamental gap in national awareness of the trade, despite Britain’s direct involvement in it. While there is an argument that the prince needs to tone down his political views as a future king, I have always found it admirable that, despite the constrictions of his role, he has been unafraid to address issues that others consider too political—from the environment and Islamophobia to youth unemployment,” he said.

On the contrary, Prince William was accused of failing to address the matter during his trip to the Caribbean. And the dad of three also, reportedly, caused offense by handling the issue with such little tact.

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Prince Charles Blew His Chance To Improve Public Image With Recent Scandal

But despite Prince Charles’ efforts, Scobie still thinks that the future king continues to fail when it comes to improving his public image. To make things worse, being dragged in the alleged donation scandal made it even more impossible for the dad of two to move past his negative image.


“The Prince of Wales’ popularity as a future king has always been mixed. His past infidelities, appalling treatment of Princess Diana, and questionable professional judgment has lost him support both in and outside of the palace. The Platinum Jubilee year was a final chance for the Prince of Wales to turn some of that negativity around. But with rumors of more embarrassing revelations on the horizon (yes, the sources behind the most recent leaks claim to have more), Charles appears to have well and truly blown it,” Scobie said (via Yahoo! News).

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Prince Charles’ Ascension To The Throne Could Be At Risk

Royal commentator Tom Bower said that Prince Charles’ scandal – if he were proven guilty – could jeopardize his succession to the throne. He also accused the queen’s successor of having poor judgment.

“The incidents demonstrate a total lack of awareness of the way in which such deals were done,” Bower said.

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