Prince Charles Shock: Prince William's Father Allegedly Urged To Snub Princess Eugenie's Attempt To Secure A Royal Residence

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Prince Charles should be stern when it comes to his plans in slimming down the monarchy. Thus, the Prince of Wales is urged not to give in to the extended family member's whims.

Prince Charles Should Not Give Niece Princess Eugenie Favor On The Royal Residence She Allegedly Is Eyeing

Several outlets previously reported that Prince Andrew and Princess Eugenie are eyeing Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. However, the grace-and-favor home is also coveted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Several royal experts believed it was necessary for Prince Charles to put his foot down. They agreed that Princess Eugenie, who is not a working royal, should not receive favor when it comes to royal residences.

"How can we talk about Prince Charles' plans for slimmed-down monarchy if all of these extended royals have grace-and-favor properties?" said Jo Elvin, Palace confidential host, Express reported.

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Andrew Pierce, a consultant editor of the Daily Mail, agreed that the heir apparent should be strict. He even questioned why the York Princesses — Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, need a home on the royal grounds when they are just "minor royals."

"It has got to stop. Besides, William, Kate, and Harry, if he was ever to come back, the rest should not get a royal residence," Pierce added.

Richard Eden, an editor of the Daily Mail Diary, shared the same opinion as Pierce and Elvin. He also believed that it would be unusual to give Princess Eugenie a royal residence, so the coveted home should go to the Cambridges.

"It would be quite unusual for Andrew's daughter to be given a grace-and-favor property given the questions around his own role in the Royal Family," Eden said. "As the future king, I think William has the first refusal. If they want it, they get it."

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Prince Charles Has Always Wanted To Slim Down The Royal Family

The Prince of Wales will take over the throne after his mother, Queen Elizabeth. In the past years, several sources said that Prince Charles has always wanted to slim down the members of the firm.

"Prince Charles will make some changes," royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti told Us Weekly. "It’s always been rumored that he wants to slim down the working royals at the core of the family."

Sacerdoti was convinced that the heir apparent will "formalize the slimming down" so it doesn't appear like it was the "result of circumstances."

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At present, the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge have been taking more duties from the Queen. The father and son attended the opening of the Parliament Tuesday after the 96-year-old British canceled her attendance at the event due to mobility issues.

"Prince Charles has always been a hardworking royal and Prince William too, but the more they get to do now, the more the baton is being handed over," Sacerdoti said about the two future kings. "They’re getting used to some of those roles for when they themselves are monarch."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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