Prince Charles Shock: Prince Of Wales Should Convince The Public He Is Capable Of Continuing Queen Elizabeth's Reign, Royal Biographer Omid Scobie Claims

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Prince Charles is expected to take over the throne sooner as Her Majesty scaled down on her engagements due to age and mobility problems. Finding Freedom author Omid Scobie urged the Prince of Wales to take this as the opportunity to win those who still doubt him.

Prince Charles Should Show Take This Time To Prove His Capacity As Next King

Queen Elizabeth, 96, has been delegating more of her engagements to the heir apparent. One of the things that royal experts observed that could have hinted at the Queen's endorsement of Prince Charles as the next king was when Her Majesty let her eldest son represent her at the State Opening of Parliament and had him read her message last week.


Omid Scobie, a co-author of Finding Freedom, said in an article for Yahoo! News, recalled the time the British monarch praised Prince Charles in front of the world leaders at the Cop 26 in Glasgow last year. So, he urged the heir apparent to do his part to make it easy for the public to embrace him as the next head of the monarchy.

"With the Queen now comfortably in the final chapter of her reign, now is the time for Prince Charles to prove he is truly capable of continuing her 70-year legacy (and a final chance to capture the imagination of those still unconvinced)," Scobie wrote.

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He added that for the transition to be smooth, Prince Charles has to start taking over the Queen's duties, and he expects the state opening of parliament and hosting of state visits to be among Prince of Wales' responsibilities moving forward.

He also noted that the Queen's last public sighting would probably be at the Platinum Jubilee celebration. The royal correspondent is convinced that the Queen is already preparing for the final stretch of her 70-year reign and is helping her son to have a decent chance at continuing her success.

"Whether Charles has exactly what it takes will only be seen once he ascends the throne, but one thing is for sure — The Queen has earned every right to conserve her energy for celebratory moments that the nation can enjoy alongside her," Scobie continued. "And for the jobs that will help Charles prepare for reign change, the head of 'the Firm' can finally put her feet up. She most definitely deserves it."

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Queen Elizabeth Is Expected To Make Prince Charles Her Regent After Jubilee Platinum

Several royal experts weighed in on Queen Elizabeth's continued absence in various royal engagements. One of her absences that raised eyebrows was skipping the State Opening of Parliament as it was the first time she had done it in 60 years. So, some are expecting that she will soon use the Regency Act.

"I think the issue genuinely is mobility, not something more medically troubling. But the point is that her absence at the State Opening of Parliament is not unprecedented, but the resolution to her absence—the use of the Regency Act—is. But this hasn’t been done on behalf of the sovereign, like the last time we had a regency, in 1811. This was the Sovereign laying down the rules," royal biographer Robert Hardman told The Daily Beast (via Yahoo! Finance).

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"It’s another slow and gradual move in a transition that has seen Charles taking on more and more, which actually began nine years ago when he traveled to Sri Lanka to open the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting there."

Clive Irving echoed the same sentiment. According to him, the "sane thing" that the Queen has to do is to abdicate, and the use of the Regency Act is the first step of abdication, he added.

Irving speculated that the Queen will do this "once the Jubilee is over."


Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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