Prince Charles Shock: Prince Harry’s Dad Won’t Allow Him To Rejoin Royal Family? Future King’s Relationship With His Son Reportedly Remains Strained

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Prince Harry’s recent trip to the United Kingdom got royal experts and royal fans talking.

After all, he revealed during an interview that Queen Elizabeth invited him and Meghan Markle to attend her Platinum Jubilee in June. Prince Harry said that he’s not yet sure whether he would attend because of his issues with the British security, but some royal fans are convinced that the Sussexes would be there. However, they are urging Prince Charles to do something about it.

Since some Britons dislike Prince Harry and Markle, they are encouraging Prince Charles to stop the couple from rejoining the royal family.

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Prince Charles Should Ban Prince Harry, Meghan Markle From Rejoining The Royal Family

During a discussion on Royally US, host Christina Garibaldi said that Prince Charles should listen to what the public is clamoring for.


“Prince Charles likes it or not, he will have to listen to the people. I don't see people forgiving Harry and Meghan anytime soon, that's why I can't see Charles allowing them to be part-time royals. I think it's wishful thinking at best. We will have to wait and see. It doesn't seem like Harry and Charles have the best relationship, to begin with, so I don't know if either side really wants this,” Garibaldi said (via Express).

Co-host Christine Ross responded to Garibaldi by saying that the royal family serves the British people and not those in the United States.

“It's really interesting, you know, the Royal Family, as much as we talk internationally [about the royals] and especially in America, they do really serve the British people. I don't think the British people are very fond of Harry and Meghan after everything that's unraveled so I think that the British people might not feel that they're the best representatives of their country,” Ross said.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Might Try To Return To The Royal Family After Queen Elizabeth’s Death

Prior to Prince Harry’s interview, royal biographer Tom Quinn already predicted that Prince Harry and Markle would try to return to the royal fold after Queen Elizabeth dies.


“I think Meghan and Harry are hoping, and I've had this on good authority when the Queen dies, Charles will be open to allowing Harry and Meghan to be part-time royals, which is what they wanted from the start,” he said.

However, it is important to note that Prince Harry and Markle have not once said that they plan to rejoin the royal family as senior royals. What the Duke of Sussex said during his interview with Today host Hoda Kotb was that the United States is his home for now. This suggests that he and his entire family could relocate elsewhere in the near future.

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Prince Harry Refused To Make Shocking Claims During His Latest Interview

Prince Harry’s recent interview also became the talk of the town because of some of his biggest revelations. However, Town & Country pointed out how the dad of two made sure not to say anything too personal.


“Since making a number of revelations last year, the Sussexes have been noticeably more discreet about vocalizing their thoughts and feelings on the royal family in recent months, and this latest interview is no exception. There will be those who may believe that Harry is simply now his true feelings for his autobiography, which is still believed to be coming out later this year,” the publication said.

It is also, reportedly, possible for Prince Harry’s discretion to signify that he’s trying to extend an olive branch to the royal family. After all, he could soon reunite with the British clan publicly if he and Markle decide to join them on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

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