Prince Charles Shock: Camilla Parker-Bowles Husband To Beat King George VI And King George III Should Queen Elizabeth Abdicate? Royal Comments On Recent Russian Attacks In Ukraine

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Royal followers around the world are waiting for the next move of Queen Elizabeth after she mentioned in a message marking the 70th anniversary of her reign that she wants Camilla-Parker Bowles to be known as Queen Consort should Prince Charles finally becomes king. Reports about the monarch’s possible abdication have been making rounds for quite some time following her shocking hospitalization in October 2021.

Should Queen Elizabeth decide to step down and let her son rule the monarchy, Prince Charles would pass on the Prince of Wales title to his eldest son, Prince William. Most, if not all, royal fans are aware that the husband of Camilla Parker-Bowles was three years old when his mother ascended the throne as Queen Elizabeth II.

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Now, reports are claiming that Prince Charles would smash a major British record when he becomes King. Keep on reading to know more details.


Prince Charles Could Smash Royal Record Like Queen Elizabeth?

Express UK reported that Prince Charles would set a record as the oldest person to ascend the throne in British royal history. As of this writing, King William IV is the oldest monarch who took over the throne. He was 64 years and 309 days old when he became a monarch.

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When Prince Charles succeeds the throne, he would beat King William IV’s record by more than a decade. The better half of Camilla Parker-Bowles could also beat another royal record as the longest-lived British King in history.

Prince Charles is currently 73 years old, which means he only has a few years to beat the undisputed record of King George III, who died at the age of 81 in 1820. However, it is worth noting that the later years of King George II fell under a Regency with his son, King George VI, at the helm.

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However, Prince Charles has to beat Queen Elizabeth’s record to become the longest-lived British monarch in history. Her Majesty, who is currently 95 years old, has surpassed the record of her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, several years ago.


Queen Victoria died at the age of 81, which is almost four decades after the early death of her husband Prince Albert. As of this writing, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother is the longest-lived Queen Consort, who died aged 101 years and 238 days in 2002.

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Prince Charles Breaks Silence On Russian Attacks In Ukraine

Meanwhile, Prince Charles follows Prince William and Prince Harry to claim “solidarity” against “brutal” Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Prince of Wales paid tribute to murdered local MP, David Amess, as he celebrated Southend becoming a city on Tuesday.

Prince Charles said:

“What we saw in the terrible tragedy in Southend was an attack on democracy on open society, on freedom itself. We are seeing those same values under attack today in Ukraine in the most unconscionable way. In the stand we take here, we are in solidarity with all those who are resisting brutal aggression."

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Prince Charles, in 2014, went against royal protocol to comment on the leadership of President Vladimir Putin. Speaking to a Jewish refugee, the son of Queen Elizabeth compared the Russian President to Adolf Hitler, only a few days before his scheduled meeting with Putin at the time.

Prince Charles, in 2014, went against royal protocol to comment on the leadership of President Vladimir Putin. Speaking to a Jewish refugee, the son of Queen Elizabeth compared the Russian President to Adolf Hitler, only a few days before his scheduled meeting with Putin at the time.

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The husband of Camilla Parker-Bowles also talked to a volunteer during a visit to the Museum of Immigration in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Marianne Ferguson said:

“The Prince said: ‘And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler. I must say that I agree with him, and am sure a lot of people do. But I was very surprised he made the comment, as I know they (members of the Royal Family) aren’t meant to say these things.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, as per The Guardian, responded to Prince Charles’ remarks at the time. He even warned the father of Prince William and Prince Harry of the grave consequences of his statements.

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President Putin said:

"Give my words to Prince Charles. He has been to our country more than once, if he made such a comparison, it is unacceptable and I am sure he understands that as a man of manners. I met him personally, as well as other members of the Royal Family. This is not what monarchs do. But over the past few years we have seen so much, nothing surprises me any longer."

The Russian President, at the time, also made it clear that he would not allow the disapproval of prominent international figures such as Prince Charles to influence his actions in the current crisis in Ukraine.

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Putin said:

"I will be guided not by what they say about me anywhere. I will only be guided by the interests of the Russian people, and I hope our colleagues in Great Britain will keep that in mind and will always remember that when finding solutions to any issues, we are always guided by international law and its norms."

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