Prince Charles Heartbreak: Prince William Already Preparing To Be King, Thinking In A 'Strategic Way'

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Prince Charles is heir apparent, but many want his son, Prince William, to be the next after Queen Elizabeth II. According to BBC presenter Andrew Marr, the Duke of Cambridge is already prepping to take over the throne.

Prince Charles Should Step Aside And Let Prince William Be The Next King

Prince Charles has waited most of his life to be the next king. He was only 4 years old when Queen Elizabeth II took over the throne. Since then, the Prince of Wales was destined to be the next head of the monarchy.


However, not everyone is supportive of his fate. Prince Charles' reputation suffered from the breakdown of his marriage to Princess Diana due to infidelity. He admitted in a previous interview that he had been unfaithful.

Most sympathized with Princess Diana and Prince Charles had to endure the wrath of the people. He and Camilla Parker Bowles have already slowly won back the public's trust. But some still don't want him to be the next king.

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Former Labour MP, Stephen Pound, argued about Prince Charles taking over the throne in GB News' The Clash segment. According to him, it's time for the royal family to have a reboot and achieve that with the Duke of Cambridge, especially because the Prince of Wales is already old.

"One thing the Republicans in this country would actually like to see would be Prince Charles acceding to the throne," Pound said on GB News. "The problem is Royal Family is in a stage at the moment. I don’t know if it ever stood so low in public opinion. The time is not for continuity Windsor. It’s time for a reboot, it’s time to start again."

He added that Prince Charles could carry the monarchy in a "business as usual" approach. However, it's not what the monarchy needs because doing "business as usual" would bankrupt the royal family.

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Prince William Already Preparing For The Throne

Meanwhile, BBC presenter Andrew Marr weighed in on Prince William being the next monarch after his dad in the documentary The Princes And The Press. According to Marr, the Duke of Cambridge is already prepping for his future role and has been thinking in a "strategic way."

Among the things that Kate Middleton's husband is working on is his relationship with the media. He knows he has to deal with them for the rest of his life. So, he needs to have a working relationship with them, Marr said.

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"I think Prince William has come to terms with the idea that he is going to be king one day and that the media coverage of his progress to becoming king is going to be an important part of the way he is perceived in the world," he added.

Although Prince William is prepping to take over for the throne, one should note that he isn't in a hurry to be king before his dad. Prince William has no interest in taking over the throne while his father, Prince Charles, is still alive.

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