Prince Charles Heartbreak: Prince Of Wales Will Never Surpass The Queen And Will Make Changes In The Monarchy

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Prince Charles has been the heir apparent since he was 3 years old. Now, the Prince of Wales is already 73. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II has been the longest-reigning monarch and will celebrate her 70th anniversary as the head of the monarchy next year. According to a report, Prince Charles will never surpass his mother.

Prince Charles Could Never Compete Queen Elizabeth II's Reign

Prince Charles will have years to lead the monarchy after Queen Elizabeth II and before passing the baton to his eldest son, Prince William. Professor Anna Whitelock of City, University of London, weighed in on Her Majesty's phenomenal reign and said the future king would struggle to surpass it.


"Just by virtue of the fact that the Queen is celebrating her seventieth year next year, by virtue of her longevity, her life, what she’s lived through, what she’s seen, she’s been unmatched," she said per Express. "She’s record-breaking in that longevity. Charles, given his own age, he’s never going to be able to surpass that, and what the Queen has seen and been through."

Queen Elizabeth II, 95, is the most elderly and longest-reigning monarch in British history. Meanwhile, Prince Charles is the oldest Prince Wales and the heir apparent with the longest wait to ascend the throne.

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Prince Charles Will Make His Mark In The Royal Family And Monarchy

Whitelock shared her thoughts about Prince Charles' leadership after the Queen. She believed that it would be very different for a reason.

"I think we are in a very different, and we are going to be, in a very different era with a very different kind of monarch, and a very different kind of monarchy in the future," she said.

She believed that many would question how the royal family would fit into contemporary society once the Queen's reign ended.


"I think Charles will, in some ways, want to follow in his mother’s footsteps and obviously build on the respect which she’s managed to maintain, but he’s going to want the monarchy to evolve," she explained.

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"He’ll want to build on the respect the monarchy shows to his mother, and the respect the monarchy has around the world, but he will also know that questions will be asked about the value of the monarchy and the function of the monarchy when the Queen’s reign comes to an end, and he’s going to want to answer that."

She added that the monarchy has a brand. It used to be supporting charitable causes and promote various causes around the world. With Prince Charles' dedication to the environment, the Prince of Wales might cultivate a perception of himself as the "environmental monarch."

Stay tuned for more updates about Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the members of the royal family.

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