Prince Charles Heartbreak: Prince Harry’s Dad Desperate To Meet Lilibet, Reunite With Archie? Future King Extends An Olive Branch

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Prince Charles and Prince Harry are slowly working on fixing their strained relationship. After months of tensions between the two, royal insiders are saying that the future king has extended an olive branch to his youngest son.

In fact, Prince Harry has also, reportedly, expressed his desire to reunite with Archie and to finally meet his granddaughter, Lilibet Diana in the United Kingdom.

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Prince Charles Wants To See Prince Harry’s Kids


While speaking with Mirror UK, an unnamed source claimed that the heir to the throne misses his grandchildren.

“The Prince of Wales has been saddened that he hasn’t had the opportunity to spend time with his grandchildren, which he really does miss. He is a fantastic grandfather and loves playing the role immensely and it’s certainly fair to say he feels there is something missing from his life without the ability to get to know Harry’s children. This is something he is hoping to remedy which is why he made the gesture for Harry, Meghan, and the children to stay with him if they wanted to, whenever they may come home for a period of time,” the source said.

Prince Charles, Prince Harry Repairing Their Strained Relationship


The insider also claimed that Prince Charles and Prince Harry have been in contact with each other regularly.


“The Prince of Wales has spoken to his son frequently in recent months. He loves him very much, as he does both his children, and he looks forward to them being able to spend time together in the near future,” the source said.

Prince Charles mentioned Prince Harry’s name and praised the latter for his contributions to the environment. Sources said that this was Prince Charles’ way of extending an olive branch to the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry Made Strong Accusations Against Prince Charles

The relationship between the father and son right now is in stark contrast with how things were last year. In March, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spoke with Oprah Winfrey about their struggles as senior working royals, and the couple repeatedly slammed Prince Charles.


Prince Harry also accused his dad of cutting him off financially after he decided to relocate to the United States. But a spokesperson for Prince Charles denied the claims.

“Charles was quite upset at the suggestion he had cut Harry off. Initially, he didn’t and he went on to provide for some time, but there was a point when Charles decided enough was enough. The bank of a dad couldn’t keep handing out indefinitely,” a source told Vanity Fair at the time.

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Prince Harry Accused A Royal Of Being Racist

During the same interview, Prince Harry also claimed that Prince Charles failed to give him and his wife the support that they needed during the most difficult time of their lives.


The Duke of Sussex also dropped a bombshell during his interview with Winfrey when he said that someone from the royal family had reservations about Archie’s skin color.

Months later, royal author Christopher Andersen claimed that the royal that Prince Harry was referring to was Prince Charles.

“On the morning that the engagement of Harry and Meghan was announced, in a very kind of benign way, Prince Charles started to muse on what their future grandchildren might look like,” he wrote in Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan.

But Prince Charles’ spokesman called royal author Christopher Andersen’s allegations as a work of fiction.

Prince Charles never responded to the allegations. And he never commented on Prince Harry and Markle’s interview either. But over time, the father and son managed to repair their strained relationship and things are, reportedly, getting better between them.

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