Prince Charles Heartbreak: Prince Harry Blindsided Prince Of Wales With This Statement For Meghan Markle

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Prince Charles was reportedly blindsided when his son, Prince Harry, released a statement to protect Meghan Markle from the press while the Prince of Wales was on a trip.

Prince Charles Completely Blindsided With Prince Harry's Unprecedented Move

In 2016, Prince Harry released a fiery statement to protect his then-girlfriend Meghan Markle from the attacks of the press after their royal romance made headlines. However, it wasn't great timing because Prince Charles was on a seven-day trip to the Middle East.


The Duke of Sussex's move had his father "completely out [of the water]," reported.

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Royal journalist Robert Jobson was with Prince Charles during the trip at the time. He shared on BBC's documentary The Princes And The Press how Prince Harry's statement for Markle affected the Prince of Wales royal tour. Apparently, it stole the limelight from the heir apparent.

"When you’re on a trip, say with the Prince of Wales in the Middle East, and all of your negotiations for a week to get the chat with the Prince of Wales, to say, ‘We guarantee you the splash,’ all goes out the window because Harry releases this big statement about the press and about their treatment of Meghan was outrageous," he said.

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Prince Charles' Son Prince Harry Grumpy Toward The Press

In the same documentary, The Times royal correspondent Valentine Low recalled how Prince Harry treated the media when he and Meghan Markle visited Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand.


According to Low, the Duke of Sussex was grumpy and was glowering at them, too.

"Harry had been pretty grumpy on that tour," Low said on the BBC documentary. "Harry was just glowering, he was very cross, he’s cross with the media, and he spent the entire welcoming ceremony just diverting his gaze to one side just to stare daggers at the press pack."

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He added that Prince Harry's staff encouraged him to talk to the press while they were on a flight from Tonga to Sydney. They were able to convince Meghan Markle's husband to do so, but his words were sharp.

"Thanks very much for coming, guys, not that you were invited," Prince Harry reportedly told them.

"it went down incredibly badly," Low added.

The second part of BBC's The Princes And The Press will air on Monday.

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