Prince Charles, Camilla Shock: Prince Of Wales Will Be A 'Good King', Future Queen Undervalued, Royal Author Tina Brown Says

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Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles had a hard time winning the public's sympathy due to their affair while he was still married to Princess Diana, making Prince William and Kate Middleton more popular than them. However, the Prince of Wales will be a good king when he reigns, according to royal author Tina Brown.

Prince Charles Will Be A Very Authentic, Powerful Global Leader

Prince Charles has spent most of his life preparing for the day that he will take over the throne from his 96-year-old mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Even if the Duke of Cambridge is more popular than him, there is no doubt that the Prince of Wales will be the next king as he is the heir apparent.


Brown has positive things to say about the next monarch. She believed that he would be a "good king."

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"I actually think he’s going to come into his own when he becomes king," Brown told Page Six about Prince Charles while promoting her book The Palace Papers. "He’s very authentic. He’s always had his eccentric passions but he’s also been very prescient, very ahead of the curve. He’s no longer seen as cranky, he’s seen as correct."

She continued, "He’s going to become king when everyone’s belief in his ideas has come around full circle. He’s going to be a very authentic voice and probably a very powerful voice as a global leader in the climate change issue."

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Prince Charles Has A Great Partner In Camilla But Duchess Is Underappreciated

Brown doesn't hide her fondness for Camilla. For her, the duchess has a great personality and will make great support to Prince Charles when he takes over the throne. She also praised Camilla's attitude of sticking to the royal family's mantra to "never complain."


"I think she’s tough, she’s stoic, she’s got a sense of humor," Brown said about Camilla. "I think she’s a really undersung character. And you know she’s never said a damn word about her relationship with Charles. She’s never complained."

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She added about the duchess, "She’s always said the family motto is ‘Thou shalt not whine,’ and she hasn’t whined. Oh, my god. Talk about bad press. [She’s been] called everything from a ‘hag’ to ‘horse-face’ to ‘a witch.’ She’s had the most appalling things said about her, but she never complains. Again, it’s very English. She just takes it on the chin."

Royal biographer Robert Jobson also warned Prince William to never overstep his father's generosity. The Prince Philip's Century author said the duchess would not hesitate to put the Duke of Cambridge in his place if he abuses his dad's generosity.

"The truth is the Duchess feels it is her duty to protect the Prince of Wales from himself sometimes. He is going to be King, and she doesn’t mind reminding others in the family of that now and again – and that includes his son and heir," Jobson said.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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