Prince Charles, Camilla Shock: Prince Of Wales And Duchess' Alleged Secret Son Releases New Photos To Prove His Royal Blood

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Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles have been together for years. One man named Simon Dorante-Day has been claiming that he is their secret son, and he returns with new proof supporting his claims.

Prince Charles And Duchess Camilla's Alleged Secret Son Is Back

Simon has made headlines after claiming that his parents are Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.


According to him, his grandmother, who had worked for Queen Elizabeth II, alleged told him "outright" so many times that "I was Camilla and Charles' son."

He shared a side-by-side photo comparison of his teenage son, Liam Dorante-Day, and Prince Charles when he was younger. The netizens show saw the pictures agreed that Simon's son has "quite obvious" and "uncanny" resemblance to the heir apparent, 7 reported.

"That’s Charles all right, except more handsome. Truly remarkable resemblance," one commented.

"Wow, Simon, the resemblance is uncanny, that’s unreal. The royal bloodline is definitely prominent. Can even see the same resemblance as Princess Anne in your pic," a second user added.

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"Your son looks so much like your father Prince Charles but also looks very like your grandmother the Queen," a third one wrote.

A different user pointed out Liam and Prince Charles' similarities, including their chin, ears, and hairline. One said that the resemblance was "crazy." Another noted that the "genes are showing big time."


He also released a photo of his daughter alongside Princess Charlotte's. Simon also shared a side-by-side picture of him alongside Prince William. In all photos, many agreed that there was a striking resemblance.

Many sympathized with him. One said she feels for Simon, and they know that he is part of the royal family. Another said that what he was going through wasn't fair.

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Prince Charles And Camilla's Alleged Child Wants A DNA Test

Simon's intention in releasing photos of his children side-by-side with the other members of the royal family, including Prince William and Princess Charlotte, was to show the world his family's physical resemblance to the royal family. He wanted the royals to acknowledge him.

"Photo comparisons and obvious physical resemblances are considered by the courts in paternity cases," he told "Obviously, DNA testing is the main goal here and what I want to happen, but the photographic evidence is just another piece of the puzzle."

Simon believed he had enough evidence to convince the court to compel a DNA test from Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla. According to him, he had through enough and only wanted for the truth to come out.

Stay tuned for more updates about Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, and other members of the royal family.

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