Prince Andrew Shock: Royal Family Allegedly Won't Cast Out Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Son, Doing So 'Will Be More Trouble,' Royal Expert Ingrid Seward Claims

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The royal family will never disown Prince Andrew, according to a royal expert. The Duke of York will always be part of the firm because the royal family is reportedly concerned that he will cause more trouble if they keep their distance from him.

Royal Family Reportedly Ensures Prince Andrew Is Financially Secure And Will Not Be Cast Out

The Duke of York stepped down from his royal duties in the wake of his sex scandal, and earlier this year, the Queen decided to strip him of his royal patronages and military titles.


There were rumors that he wanted to return to the royal folds. Some insiders even confirmed that he was supposed to join the Garter Day procession. However, it didn't push through as the family decided to just limit his appearance to a behind-the-scenes lunch and investiture ceremony.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward, author of William & Harry, weighed in on Prince Andrew's future in the firm. She believed that the royal family would never cast him out.

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"They're not going to cast him out because he will be more trouble and start talking and giving TV interviews and writing books... They don't want that again," she said on True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat, Mirror reported. "He will be financially secure, but I would be very surprised if he kept the Royal Lodge.”

Meanwhile, Newsweek Royal Correspondent Jack Royston speculated that Prince Andrew's fate would change once his brother Prince Charles takes over the throne.

"When the Queen is no longer here, Charles will not have any truck with Andrew attempting a comeback. That will be game over for him. It might be game over already," he said.

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Prince Andrew Allegedly Rebuilding His Life With Palace Support

Palace sources confirmed to the Sunday Times that Prince Andrew was hoping to take his life in a "different direction." Various reports claimed that he was trying to make his way back to the royal folds, and the palace was reportedly supportive of him.

"Clearly at some point soon, thought will have to be given to how to support the duke as, away from the public gaze, he seeks to slowly rebuild his life in a different direction," a senior palace source told the Sunday Times per Express.

"There is of course a real awareness and sensitivity to public feelings. There is also recognition that the task of starting to support him as he begins to rebuild his life will be the first step on a long road and one that should not be played out every day in the glare of the public spotlight."

However, Prince Charles and Prince William aren't supportive of his return that's why his reported appearance at the Order of the Garter didn't happen. In March, Prince Andrew, who is reportedly the Queen's favorite son, caused conflict between Her Majesty and the heirs after the Queen chose him to be her escort at Prince Philip's memorial service.

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The sight of the 96-year-old monarch with the Duke of York raised eyebrows. Several were furious because it happened just weeks after he settled the sexual assault case against him by Virginia Giuffre despite his insistence that he wasn't guilty.


Gideon Benaim, a lawyer at Simkins law firm, specializing in protecting the reputations of high-profile people, said the sight of Prince Andrew at Westminster Abbey assisting the Queen, who has mobility issues, "seems to be too soon to attempt to successfully re-enter public life," BBC reported.

The Duke of York denied the sexual assault allegations and said the settlement was not an admission of guilt. However, many didn't approve of seeing the Queen with him because it appeared to them that she was endorsing him.

The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge reportedly raised their concerns about the public reception of Prince Andrew, but the Queen insisted.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal life.

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