Prince Andrew Shock: Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Son Reportedly Trying To Replace Prince Philip As Monarch's Closest Confidante While Prince William, Prince Charles Continue Royal Duties?

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Prince Andrew escorted the Queen to Prince Philip's funeral service putting him front and center during the event. While his presence raised some eyebrows, it also sparked various speculations. According to a recent report, he is allegedly positioning himself to replace the late Duke of Edinburgh as his mom's confidante.

Prince Andrew Stepping Up To Replace His Father As Queen Elizabeth's Confidante?

The Duke of York regularly visits the Queen at Windsor Castle because he has a lot of time. He has no royal duties and lives close to the monarch's home.


Royal aides are allegedly not involved when Prince Andrew and the Queen talk after Her Majesty stripped him of his military titles and royal patronages. Their conversations also allegedly happened when the heirs Prince William and Prince Charles were out of the country. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were on a royal tour in the Caribbean last month while the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were in Ireland.

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The disgraced royal reportedly visited Windsor nine times before Prince Philip's thanksgiving memorial service on Tuesday. However, it is unknown if he saw the Queen on all of those days.

"Prince Andrew is trying to become a replacement for Prince Philip as the Queen's unofficial adviser and confidante," Daily Mail reported after he played a central role at his late father's special memorial service.

The royal aides also speculated that Prince Andrew may be positioning himself in his father's shoes.

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Prince Andrew Might Attend Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee Thanksgiving


Following Prince Andrew's surprising sighting at Prince Philip's memorial service, many are wondering if he will also be present at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration in June. Royal experts believe that the Duke of York might be there as it will be a family occasion and Prince Andrew is among the monarch's children.

"I think he will be there. Although the Queen is head of state, she is also head of the family as well and in that capacity all her children should be with her," said royal expert Joe Little, of Majesty magazine, per Daily Mail.

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However, he also clarified that there might be changes after the royal family received an intense backlash after Prince Andrew escorted the Queen at the memorial service. There are also reports claiming that Prince Charles and Prince William were dismayed that the Queen chose the Duke of York as her escort.

"It is a hard one to predict. It will depend on how the royal family react to some of the newspapers' front pages today. Of course, they're not known to react in the way that you think they might," Little added.

"It's two months away. Nobody would have predicted what would happen yesterday because Andrew was in the order of service to arrive with other members of the family and his daughters at the West Door. This was obviously an 11th hour change."

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Meanwhile, royal biographer Robert Jobson denied the rumors that Prince Andrew demanded to be front and center at his father's memorial service. It also seemed unlikely that Prince Andrew escorting the Queen was a last-minute change because according to him, it was the Queen who insisted to have her second son as her consort.

"The Queen made her decision for her own reasons. She was not bullied into by Andrew. She asked him to accompany her and if the Queen asks you to do something, it is not a request. The vitriol against Her Majesty is awful. I am not backing Andrew, but it was the Queen’s call," the Prince Philip's Century author tweeted.

When Daily Mail reached out to Buckingham Palace who would attend the Jubilee service of thanksgiving in St. Paul's Cathedral, the palace declined to comment on the participant list.

"Our position hasn't changed since our statement in January," the spokesperson said.

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