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Prince Andrew Heartbreak: Prince Charles' Brother Staying In 'Wilderness' Even After Escorting Queen Elizabeth At Prince Philip's Memorial Service? Duke Reportedly 'Brought Shame'

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Prince Andrew shocked everyone when he surprisingly appeared with Queen Elizabeth at Prince Philip's recently concluded memorial service on Tuesday, March 29, at Westminster Abbey. The father of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie rode with Her Majesty on the way to the venue and escorted the monarch to her seat.

Reports have it that Queen Elizabeth disappointed Prince Charles and Prince William for bringing Prince Andrew to the solemn event as they think his presence could tarnish the image of the monarchy. A lawyer even lambasted Her Majesty as she seemingly does not take the past issues of her son seriously.

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Now, a former royal correspondent that, while Prince Andrew made his first appearance since setting the s*xual assault case filed against him by Virginia Giuffre, a full public return is very unlikely to happen. Keep on reading to know more details.

Prince Andrew Not Doing A Full Public Return Despite Attendance At Prince Philip's Memorial Service?

Former royal correspondent Charles Rae, during a recent appearance on GB News, discussed the prominent role of Prince Andrew at the memorial. However, he claimed that the attendance of Sarah Ferguson's former husband does not mean "a rehabilitation of Prince Andrew is going to happen."

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Charles Rae furthered that Prince Andrew "is in the wilderness and will remain in the wilderness." The ex-royal correspondent, however, admitted that royal followers "may see him occasionally."

He went on to say that:

"You would have expected to see him yesterday, in any case, because it was his father."

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Not only that, Charles Rae said the appearance of Prince Andrew showed that Queen Elizabeth "still puts her family first." The former royal correspondent shared:

"Mothers tend to be a lot more understanding about their children and other members of the family."

Most, if not all, royal supporters are aware that Queen Elizabeth traveled from Windsor with Prince Andrew and Carles Rae said "someone had to be with Her Majesty for support, just in case."

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Talking about the decision of Prince Andrew being the one to escort Queen Elizabeth, the ex-royal commentator said "he was the only one who could do it because everyone else was with the problem."

To recall, Prince Philip passed away in April 2021 and his funeral was held during the third lockdown in the U.K. wherein only 30 people are allowed to attend. The memorial service, earlier this week, had nearly 2,000 guests, which include the late duke's family and pals, more than 30 foreign royals, and around 500 representatives from charities and organizations of which he was a patron.

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Critics Claim Prince Andrew 'Brought Shame' To Prince Philip's Memorial Service

Meanwhile, critics suggested that the presence of Prince Andrew at Prince Philip's memorial service was a "shameless" move. Reports suggested that the ex-husband of Sarah Ferguson was supposed to arrive at Westminster Abbey with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

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Instead, Prince Andrew drove alongside his mother, Queen Elizabeth. While some thought it is fitting to rise for the Duke of York to accompany Her Majesty given that he also lives in Windsor, others claimed it is critical.

Royal commentator Benjamin Butterworth said:

“This shows just how little the royals understand the public revulsion at Prince Andrew. It's a kick in the face for the victims of sex trafficking to see Andrew ride alongside the head of state like this.”

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Another unnamed source said:

“It is a shame that something that was meant to be a celebration of his father has had a shadow cast over it."

Prince Andrew has yet to respond to all the criticisms he received after showing up with Queen Elizabeth at Prince Philip's Service of Remembrance.

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