Prince Andrew a ‘Virtual Recluse’ Because He Barely Goes Out of Royal Lodge? Princess Eugenie’s Dad Wants to Become Royal Family’s Sounding Board, Source Claims

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Andrew has not been making public appearances in recent months. Ever since he announced his decision to step back from his royal duties, the dad of two has only been seen out in public a handful of times. Most recently, he stepped out to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral. But after the somber event, he retreated back to his home at the Royal Lodge.

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Prince Andrew Was Called A Virtual Recluse Because He Barely Goes Out

According to Radar Online, Prince Andrew's friends dubbed him a virtual recluse because he rarely goes out. In fact, he only watches TV at home because there's nothing else to do. The dad of two could no longer perform his royal duties, and Queen Elizabeth is no longer around for him to visit.

"These days, he barely goes out at all. He rarely goes out socially in the evening — where would he go? The only times he used to go out were to visit the queen at the castle and now he can't even do that," a source said.

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Prince Andrew Allegedly Wants To Be The Royal Family's Sounding Board

However, the source also insisted that Prince Andrew changed for the better after everything that happened to him. In fact, he is trying to maintain a low profile in the hopes of repairing his strained relationship with the royal family.

"All he wants to do is make things as smooth as possible in stark contrast to days gone by. Rather than being a distraction, he wants to become a stabilizing influence and sounding board within the family on a very private basis," the source said.

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Prince Andrew Will Never Be Able To Return To His Royal Duties

Following the queen's death, Joe Little, the managing editor of Majesty magazine, said that Prince Andrew will most likely stay in the background because King Charles won't allow him to resume his royal duties.

"So, you could say his retirement continues. There is no hope, I would suggest, of him returning to the working royal fold anytime soon," he said (via The Guardian).

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti also said the same thing even before the queen's passing.

"In due course when Prince Charles is the monarch I think we will see even more steps to slim down the working Royal Family. Part of the reason for that will be to avoid any controversies about individuals or to avoid putting anyone out there who they feel might not command the same level of respect that the Monarch themselves commands. And I think part of the reason will be just a modernization that is deemed responsible and sensible," he said (via Express).

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