Power Book IV: Force: Joseph Sikora Talks [SPOILER’s] Death

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[SPOILER WARNING for Power Book IV: Force]

Tommy Egan sets in motion a plot to attack the Serbians and seize their pipeline in Power Book IV: Force Episode 5. It works, but Elijah dies as a result.

Power Book IV: Force sees Tommy put New York behind him for good with the goal of rebuilding his business from the bottom up in Chicago.


Joseph Sikora Reacts to Elijah’s Death in Power Book IV: Force

On Twitter, Joseph Sikora, who plays the brash gangster, expressed his sadness at Elijah's (Jeremih) death. He seems heartbroken to say goodbye to Elijah, despite the fact that he did not discuss what exactly happened to him.

“Jeremih was not only a pleasure to work with, but I knew I was in the presence of a great artist,” Sikora wrote.

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Joseph Sikora Shared Acting Tips with Jeremih for Power Book IV: Force

“That was life-changing for me last year. I had never, ever thought in my life I’d be going through that,” Jeremih told Essence. “Even to have to learn how to walk again.”

He'd just been out of the hospital for a few days when he got a call from executive producer 50 Cent asking him to do the show.


“‘I don’t know what you’re up to, or if you’re up to it, but they’re filming in Chicago right now for this role. I want to see if you want to do it. And it’s not like, no cheesy role you wouldn’t want to do, no corny role. I think you’d actually like to do it,’” he quoted 50 Cent saying.

Jeremih agreed, and Sikora even gave him some acting tips.

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Though Jeremih's time on the show has come to a close, he has more to come. For one thing, he's still in the Power Book IV: Force theme song. He continues to make music as well. In a recent Instagram post, he hinted that Late Nights The Mixtape, a follow-up to his 2015 album of the same name, would be released soon.

The rest of his co-stars can be seen on Sunday nights when Power Book IV: Force airs.

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