Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Spoilers - Tariq's 'Struggle' With Jabari's Death

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Ghost is here
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The events of the Season 1 finale and the Season 2 premiere, which aired on Sunday, took place only a few days apart. However, things have changed dramatically. Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 spoilers are a dime a dozen, but we can't help but wonder how Tariq St. Patrick has been coping with Jabari's death.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Recap

Tariq attempted to continue his usual college life in the show's opener, titled Free Will is Never Free. Tariq is able to flee thanks to Brayden. Monet builds business strategies to safeguard her children. Cane looks to find a new family in order to take the streets for himself.

Though Tariq didn’t care about Jabari all that much, it was still clear that his death had an impact. Tariq’s not a straight-up serial killer; he kills people as a means of either self-preservation or a reaction to some of their own behavior.

We were reminded that these things do weigh on Tariq when we saw that he still had some post-traumatic stress in Episode 1. He's not a complete sociopath, and this will continue to play a role in the plot as it progresses.

Tariq deletes the professor's SMS from his burner after waking up from a nightmare about killing Jabari. Yaz shrieking from the other room interrupts his morning freak-out, and when he comes out to check what's up, we learn that he's staying at Estelle's.

Discoveries: Jabari’s Body Found

Brayden was fed up with being forced to follow in his father's footsteps and told Tariq that he wanted to forge his own path. As a result, he enjoys dealing with 'Riq. Suddenly, a message was sent to all of the students on campus. They all found out that Jabari had been killed. Tariq pretended to be surprised by the news.

Tariq had to meet with Cane to discuss how to deal with the news of Jabari's death. Cane was nervous, but 'Riq told him that he would be OK. Suddenly, he received a message from Monet, inviting him to meet with him.

When Tariq met with Monet, she quizzed him about the dead professor. Despite the fact that cops would be swarming the school, he assured them that everything would be alright. Monet needed to know he wasn't involved, so he lied and claimed he wasn't. Tariq took the shipment from Monet and met with Brayden to transport it.


Of course, the reality is that Tariq may have to kill more people before the season ends. We know that the police are investigating what happened to Jabari, which may eventually lead to the focus being on him. If it isn't someone from the NYPD, there is still concern about someone like Carrie, who is likely to conduct her own investigation.

Did Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 spoilers feel jam-packed to you, too?

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