Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Episode 6: Tariq Faces Trouble More Than Ever

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After this weekend’s big episode, it only makes some sense to want to know what Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Episode 6 has in store. Well, here’s what we think.

More Trouble for Tariq

Tariq is in prison, as most of you are aware. It may have only been a matter of time until this occurred, albeit the irony is that he is only charged with one of the two crimes. He had nothing to do with Ramirez's death, but he is accountable for the death of Jabari Reynolds. The problem is determining out what he'll do next.


How do you get out of this situation if there's so much evidence pointing your way, if you're Tariq? Davis might be able to help to some extent, but we know that Jabari wrote about a character who resembled Tariq. In addition, there's the badge that was in his dorm room.

For the time being, Michael Rainey Jr.'s character may be hoping that there isn't enough hard proof to convict him. There could be an argument that there was enough to bring him in, but will the bade stand up in court?

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Episode 6 Return Date

With the Christmas break rapidly approaching, weekend's episode will be the final one of the year. Meanwhile, early indications suggest that the series will also be off on Jan. 2, which suggests that the second half of the season might begin on Jan. 9.

Beyond the Christmas holiday, one reason for the delay could be to make better use of this show in order to promote Power Book IV: Force when it arrives in February. Given that Tommy Egan is one of the most beloved characters in this universe, we're sure there will be a lot of excitement for this. However, it never hurts to generate as much enthusiasm as possible! The better off this show is now that more people are talking about it.

When it comes to what will happen in Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Episode 6 and beyond, we'll keep it simple: Tariq's situation may spin out of hand. He's been through a lot in his life, but very little of it has provided him with the security or control he craves.