Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Can Now be Viewed and Streamed on HBO

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While 2019 ended as the year of Star Wars, the final year of this decade did actually give us plenty of love for franchises, whether it was Marvel, DC, or something nostalgic from the ‘80s. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu was one of those franchises, a movie that ended up better than it had any right to be, proving to be a crowd-pleasing comedy that managed to entertain plenty of newcomers and veteran fans alike.

As we wait for the Detective Pikachu game to come to Nintendo Switch, fans can now check out the surprise hit movie on HBO. Not just on cable either as ComicBook.com confirmed that HBO Go and HBO Now also have access to the movie, so everyone wins. Love wins. Pokemon wins.

Does this mean it will be on HBO Max when that streaming service launches? Hopefully. Warner Bros. has been hyping up that app for some time and if they get something like Detective Pikachu and its potential sequels on that service, Disney and Netflix are going to have some very serious competition.

Then again, we'll probably get some sort of Pokemon streaming service in the future, which will likely happen when streaming services start to die out due to their overabundance but I digress.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital services. You can now view it on HBO, HBO Go, and HBO Now.

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