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Pochita's Devil Origin Story Explained

Pochita's Devil Origin Story Explained Pochita

When Chainsaw Man premiered, Pochita immediately became of the most beloved characters because of his adorable dog-like features. There were even tons of merchandise made based on him. While most people seem to have fallen for Denji’s best friend, not everyone knows Pochita’s origin story.

Why does he have a chainsaw on the center of his face? Is he dangerous? Is he powerful? How was he able to merge himself into Denji? We'll cover all of that and more, so keep reading!

Spoiler Warning: This article may contain spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga and anime.

Pochita's Devil Origin Story

Before Pochita met Denji, he was known as the fearsome Chainsaw Devil. Also known as the Hero of Hell, Pochita slays and devours various devils each time they summon him.

Pochita was known to be extremely powerful, which is why a lot of devils wanted to acquire him, including Makima.

One time, he faced the Weapon Devils and the Four Horsemen. He was badly injured but he managed to escape to Earth. This explains the condition he was in when he met Denji.

Pochita's Devil Origin Story Pochita and Denji
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Denji then gave Pochita his blood in exchange for the latter's protection.

Eventually, the two of them became best friends as they continued to spend more time together.

They also worked as private devil hunters to help Denji pay off his late father's debts.

Throughout their time together, Pochita learned about Denji’s dreams and ambitions.

Pochita’s Powers and Abilities

Pochita’s Powers and Abilities Pochita
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As the Chainsaw Devil, it is expected that Pochita has amazing and powerful devil abilities. In fact, every devil wanted his heart for themselves, and it even caused an international conflict.

As a devil, Pochita has the basic abilities that all devils have. He can make contracts with humans and restore his health by consuming blood.

He is also known for his immense speed, durability, strength, and healing abilities.

Pochita’s Powers and Abilities Pochita
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He also has some powers that other devils don’t. Below are Pochita's main abilities:

  • Devil Erasure – The most popular ability that Pochita has is Devil Erasure. This allows him to consume other devils and eliminate their existence completely.
  • Chainsaw Appendage – This can be seen on the center of his face and moves when the cord on his tail is pulled. He also has the ability to transform his arms and legs into chainsaws. In addition to this, Pochita can disconnect the chains of the chainsaws and use them to entangle his enemy.
  • Body Assimilation – Pochita can fuse his body with another human to replace missing and damaged organs. This is what happened with Denji, making Denji a human-devil hybrid. He can also possess Denji’s body and transform him into a devil entirely.

Pochita is one of the strongest devils in Chainsaw Man, despite his cute appearance.

Don’t underestimate his cuteness, as the dog-like devil can easily defeat and annihilate powerful devils.

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