Paris Jackson Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Michael Jackson’s Daughter?
Credit: Paris Jackson, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Paris Jackson, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Paris Jackson is a singer, actress, and model. The multitalented star is the daughter of legendary singer Michael Jackson. From early on, the star's name has been known to the world, yet her father was tucked away from the public.

After the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, Paris Jackson blossomed into a young woman and entered the Hollywood scene. She began to go on talk shows to do interviews about her bizarre life in her father's infamous mansion Neverland.

Despite only emerging on the Hollywood scene less than 15 years ago, Paris Jackson has taken on many projects, but mostly she became an entertainment personality. She did not focus on one aspect of Hollywood but wanted to dabble in it all.

At only 24 years old, Paris Jackson has become one of the richest stars in Hollywood. But how rich?

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What Is Paris Jackson's Net Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Paris Jackson's net worth is $100 million. Although there are no specific sources of where she got her wealth, it is easy to say that she made her money from working since 2009.

Jackson did not only get to become a star in 2009, but she also became a model since then. Like her father, Paris Jackson invested in music, too, forming the folk band The Soundflowers, where she performs vocals and the ukulele.

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Paris Jackson's Struggle Over The Death Of Her Father

The death of Michael Jackson was a big shock to the world. The legendary artist was a source of joy and inspiration for many. Since her father's death, Paris Jackson started to self-harm and even admitted that she got addicted to intravenous drugs at the ripe age of 15.

Furthermore, Paris shared that she attempted suicide multiple times. She enrolled at Utah's Diamond Ranch Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for her sophomore and junior year.

Where Is Paris Jackson Now?

Paris Jackson has been concentrating on her acting career currently. After her band released an EP in 2020, Michael Jackson's daughter returned her focus to the film and TV industry. Recently, Paris Jackson and her older brother Prince Jackson attended the Tony Awards, paying tribute to their late father.

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