Paper Craft Creates Stunning Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Art

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Twitter user Yto makes beautiful anime-inspired fan art by cutting up paper. Recently, he shared some photos of his Yu-Gi-Oh! craft and this one is based on Blade Rose Dragon.

Check it out:

For only a few bucks, Yto was able to create this Rose Dragon with just paper art he purchased from Daiso.

You can see how he created it in the tweets below:

I'm not a big Yu-Gi-Oh! fan but I think this is incredible and the monster he created is definitely one of the best-designed art in the franchise. A lot of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s artworks look cartoony and uninspiring unlike Magic: The Gathering's art.

I love the creativity that games like Yu-Gi-Oh! inspire, and Yto surely impressed us with his papercraft.

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