Pam & Tommy Episode 4: Miscarriage, P.I. Anthony Pellicano Accuracy

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SPOILERS ahead for Pam & Tommy Episode 4.

How accurate is Pam & Tommy Episode 4's depiction of the actual events that occurred in real life?

The Master Beta, the fourth episode of Pam & Tommy, begins with the (brief) success of Rand Gauthier's (Seth Rogen) illegal distribution business, with Uncle Miltie (Nick Offerman), who supervises the financial aspect of the operation. After Rand begins selling the stolen sex tape on the internet, word of the tape soon spreads, leading to bootleg copies, which damages Rand's business as a whole.

Of course, this is true in real life, as Rand was unable to benefit from the stolen tape due to the widespread distribution of bootleg versions, and things quickly spiraled out of control after the incident reached the media's attention.


Pam & Tommy Episode 4: The Hiring of Anthony Pellicano

The episode begins with Pam (Lily James) and Tommy (Sebastian Stan) learning that they are expecting a child, which brings them genuine joy for a brief while.

This is quickly disturbed when the couple discovers the existence of the tape and is repulsed by it, leading to the hiring of P.I. Anthony Pellicano. This is also true in real life, as the couple found out about the missing tape a lot longer after Rand's heist.

Much like in Pam & Tommy Episode 4, Pellicano was able to conclude right away that the person who had taken the tape was the electrician Rand because he was the only one with both the opportunity and the motive.

Given the intimate nature of the tape, the level of paparazzi harassment depicted in the episode is also accurate, as Lee and Anderson had to deal with a whole new level of media attention that crossed the line into invasion of privacy.

Pam smashing up a paparazzo's car in Pam & Tommy Episode 4 did not truly happen in real life, but it makes emotional sense in the context of the action since it serves as catharsis. After all, she'd recently gone through the traumatic experience of losing her baby.

Did Pam Suffer a Miscarriage After Discovering the Leak?


This is partially true, but the chronology has been jumbled up for dramatic effect. Anderson did miscarry, although it was in late June 1995. The robbery didn't happen until November 1995, and the missing safe wasn't discovered until January 1996, by which time Anderson was expecting her second child. Brandon, their first child, was born in June 1996.

In truth, the program depicts Lee and Anderson meeting on her birthday (July 1995), but they actually met on New Year's Eve 1994 and married in February 1995. When Lee went to place a baby scan in the safe, he did not realize it had been removed. Lee discovered the theft in January 1996, when the garage studio was being stripped for repairs, according to the Telegraph.

While the timeline of Pam & Tommy Episode 4 has been adjusted for narrative and dramatic purposes, it does not negate the reality that the couple, particularly Pamela, had previously been through a difficult period, which was made worse by Rand's real-life actions, which completely disrupted their peace.