Overwatch’s 3rd Anniversary Event has Gone Live!

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Blizzard is celebrating three years of Overwatch this year, and the third Anniversary event has gone live. We have a new trailer celebrating the arrival of some new material, and it gives us a good overview of the things coming with this special event.

What's cool is, players get one free loot box just by logging in. Here's the official description of the third anniversary:


To celebrate Overwatch's third anniversary, we're adding a cavalcade of new skins, highlight intros, emotes, and sprays, plus making all seasonal brawls and items from past years available once again! That's not all: log in between May 21 and June 10 to earn a Legendary Anniversary Loot Box containing at least one legendary item. Don't miss Overwatch's biggest anniversary celebration yet!

We've already gotten a look at school girl D. Va and Gargoyle Winston, but we're also getting new skins in the form of Honeydew May, Orbital Pharrah, Riot Police Brigitte, and Toxic Road Hog. Not to mention, exclusive skins from past events will also be made available, so you can get skins like Junkenstein or Formal Soldier 76 for cheaper.

Besides skins, we're also getting dance emotes for characters that weren't present in the last anniversary; specifically Hammond, Baptiste, and Ashe. Oddly enough, there won't be any new highlight intros exclusive to the event.

There will also be an ongoing rotation of special brawls that were exclusive to events throughout the past year, so if you missed out on Winter Wonderland or Junkenstein's Revenge, now's your chance.


Overwatch's Anniversary event lasts until June 10. The game is playable for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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