Overlord 4: Who Is The Faceless One?

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Overlord 4 Who Is The Faceless One
Credit: Kugane Maruyama / so-bin / KADOKAWA

The recent events of Overlord 4 have confused a lot of fans. In Episode 8, Ainz sent a letter to Re-Estize that was signed and sealed by The Faceless One, among others. While we are aware of the other territories that have submitted to Ainz, we are unaware of The Faceless One in Overlord.

Overlord 4 Episode 8 recounts the aftermath of the battle between Jaldabaoth and the Sorcerer Kingdom, skipping the Holy Kingdom arc.


While it is expected to lose track of the timeline of events in Overlord 4, the upcoming Holy Kingdom Arc Movie will telltale the showdown between Jaldabaoth and the Sacred Kingdom with the assistance of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

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This article contains Overlord light novel spoilers for the upcoming Overlord Holy Kingdom Arc Movie. Please read at your own risk.

Who Is The Faceless One in Overlord?

Overlord 4 Who Is The Faceless One Identity
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Credit: Kugane Maruyama / so-bin / KADOKAWA

In Overlord, Neia Baraja is known as The Faceless One. Because of her preaching that the Sorcerer King is justice and that weakness is a sin, light novel fans frequently regarded Neia as the Pope of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Neia met Ainz Ooal Gown during the Holy Kingdom arc. It was a one-of-a-kind encounter, as Ainz Ooal Gown enlightened her and had given her a magical item from YGGDRASIL.

It is well known in the Overlord series that Ainz frequently gifts his NPC guardians with magical items as a reward for their efforts. Ainz occasionally bestows magical items on people he believes are deserving of them.


That is why Neia is special - because Ainz Ooal Gown has bestowed upon her a valuable magical item known as the Visor Mirror Shade.

Back then, Neia had difficulty communicating with others because she was born with the same glaring and intimidating eyes as her father.

Many people fear Neia because of her commanding gaze, but in reality, she is a gentle young lady who does not believe in absolute power.

Ainz has also given Neia his Ultimate Shooting Star Super Bow, a magical bow from YGGDRASIL, to keep her safe.

As the plot progresses in the Holy Kingdom, the demi-humans who mistake her for the Mad-Eyed Archer find the magical bow useful in battle.

Neia's father is known as the Mad-Eyed Archer. After the demi-humans surrounded her, Neia died.

Fortunately, Ainz used a healing potion in addition to his ninth-tier spell, True Resurrection, to bring Neia back to life.

Does The Faceless One Join Ainz in Overlord?

Overlord 4 Who Is The Faceless One Does The Faceless One Join Ainz in Overlord
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Credit: Kugane Maruyama / so-bin / KADOKAWA

No, The Faceless One did not join Ainz in Overlord. However, she eventually supports Ainz, as evidenced by her seal being imprinted on the letter sent by the Sorcerer Kingdom to the Re-Estize Kingdom in Overlord 4 Episode 8.

Despite Ainz's invitation to return to the Sorcerer Kingdom, Neia refused to accept such a large reward from the Sorcerer King.

Neia believes that Ainz has done so much for her, including reviving her own parents.

She also believes she does not deserve Ainz's mercy. Given the extent of the damage, she decided to rebuild the Sacred Kingdom from the ground up.


In the end, Ainz and The Faceless One, Neia, parted ways with respect.

Will The Faceless One Betray Ainz in Overlord?

Overlord 4 Who Is The Faceless One Will The Faceless One Betray Ainz in Overlord
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Credit: Kugane Maruyama / so-bin / KADOKAWA

The Faceless One is unlikely to betray Ainz in Overlord. After all, she has been a huge follower of Ainz.

The Faceless One has admired Ainz from every angle possible because of his logic, wisdom, critical thinking, pragmatic perspective, and life doctrine.

In fact, Neia's perspective on life shifted immediately after witnessing Ainz's glory.

From comprehending Ainz's new ways, which differ from those of her mentor, Remedios, to Ainz assisting their kingdom in surviving Jaldabaoth's attack, Neia holds the highest regard for the Sorcerer King.


Hence, she will have no reason to betray Ainz. She would almost certainly remain a supporter and preacher of Ainz's glory wherever she goes in life.

Because Ainz improved her life, it is up to Neia to spread the word to as many other territories as possible.

Neia will defend Ainz until the end in the name of the magical items he gave her. Not to mention that Ainz, the Undead King, has brought her parents back to life.

For Neia, or The Faceless One, Ainz is the embodiment of justice, and it would be unjust if the other territories refused to accept him.

She has sworn allegiance to Ainz and will likely continue to serve him until the day she dies.