Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date and Time, COUNTDOWN

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date Time COUNTDOWN
Credit: Madhouse

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date Time COUNTDOWN
Credit: Madhouse

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Now that everything is in place, Ainz goes to war with the Re-Estize Kingdom in Overlord! This officially marks the beginning of the climactic finish of Overlord 4 after a slow yet detailed buildup in its earlier episodes. Are you ready to witness Ainz’s supremacy against his enemies in Overlord 4 Episode 10?

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Overlord 4 Episode 9 Recap

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date Time COUNTDOWN Episode 9 Recap
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Credit: Madhouse

Albedo arrives in Re-Estize to personally relay the Sorcerer Kingdom's concerns about Philip Montserrat.

In response, the king bowed his head and apologized on Philip's behalf. The king also offered his head to the Sorcerer Kingdom, much to the surprise of everyone in the royal court.

Albedo laughed at the king's proposal. Back in the day, the king would not make a petty decision that would bring his kingdom into disrepute. Albedo mocked the king's counteroffer.

Despite the king's bold proposal, Albedo declared war on Re-Estize. The decision is final and irreversible, and the forces of the Sorcerer Kingdom will mobilize at noon a month after her visit.

However, things will be different if Re-Estize tries to attack E-Rantel before the specified date.

One noble reacted to Albedo's declaration at the most inopportune time. Albedo was about to deliver a message from Ainz when the foolish noble interrupted her.

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date and Time COUNTDOWN Episode 9 Recap Albedo
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Credit: Madhouse

This enraged Albedo even more, and she asked the noble if he wanted to die right then and there.

Albedo's words astounded the foolish noble. Thus, Albedo delivered the message to everyone in the royal court.

Accordingly, Ainz will not cast the same large-scale spell he did before in the battle of Katze Plains. Hence, Re-Estize should expect something different.

Albedo concludes her declaration to Re-Estize by chastising the nobles for harboring misgivings about the Sorcerer Kingdom.

They believed that the Sorcerer Kingdom was plotting a conspiracy inside Re-Estize, yet look at what happened in the end.

Even Albedo can't seem to figure out what went wrong in their diplomatic relations with the Re-Estize Kingdom.

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date and Time COUNTDOWN Episode 9 Recap Brain Unglaus
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Credit: Madhouse

Days have passed, but no reports of the Sorcerer Kingdom mobilizing its forces to Re-Estize have been made public.

Brain Unglaus is watching children training to be kingdom soldiers in one of Princess Renner's orphanages.

One of Brain’s apprentices started to talk about the upcoming war. While his apprentice hoped Ainz was bluffing, Brain insisted that the Sorcerer Kingdom had no need to bluff against them.

It is not in Ainz's nature to lie about declaring war on their kingdom. He also mentioned how he still can’t comprehend why Gazeff Stronoff lost his one-on-one match with the Undead King.

The prized Razor Edge sword of Re-Estize has been passed down to Brain now that Gazeff is no longer alive.

Regarding Gazeff, Princess Renner insisted that he take care of it. Razor Edge may be able to wound Ainz, but it is not enough to defeat him.

Brain decided to have the children flee from Re-Estize. They not only have a chance to live, but they also have the opportunity to use the swordsmanship Brain has taught them over time.

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date Time COUNTDOWN Episode 9 Recap Ainz Ooal Gown NPC Guardians
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Credit: Madhouse

Ainz gathered the NPC guardians in Nazarick to discuss their strategy against Re-Estize.

He also praised Demiurge for doing an excellent job of monitoring the streets and preventing information leaks. Albedo is also praised for her efforts to persuade the nobles to join them in their cause, which she gladly accepts.

Ainz intends to employ a strategy that will prevent other countries from intervening or sending reinforcements to Re-Estize.

They will seal all of Re-Estize's borders and isolate them before the officials realize it. To accomplish this, they must exterminate every citizen of every city and village in Re-Estize.

However, it is not enough to ensure victory. Even though everything is going as planned, it is still concerning.

Ainz then asked Cocytus about his previous failure with the attack on the lizardmen army.

Ainz agrees with Cocytus' response that he learned a lot from his painful experience. Thereafter, Ainz orders that the cities be destroyed and all citizens killed in Re-Estize.

Different tasks will be assigned to each guardian as well.

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date Time COUNTDOWN Episode 9 Recap Ainz
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Credit: Madhouse

Ainz is the person assigned to invade the kingdom this time in the battle with Re-Estize.

According to Cocytus, Ainz is lacking in soldiers. Aura also informed everyone that a small number of humans escaped while they were besieging nearby cities. Aura then questioned Ainz about why he had allowed this to happen.

In a flashback, Ainz visited the fifth floor of Nazarick. Sebas apologized for summoning Ainz as Nigredo and Pestonya insisted on seeing him in person.

Ainz didn’t mind, for he was the one who ordered Nigredo not to leave her floor.

For the first time in the series, Ainz meets Nigredo and Pestonya on the fifth floor of Nazarick. Nigredo urged Ainz to reconsider his plan to slaughter innocent people in Re-Estize.

She believes that everyone is creative and that everyone has the ability to create new things. Pestonya agreed with Nigredo.

However, Ainz flatly refused this suggestion. He believes that an overdeveloped civilization will pose a significant threat to Nazarick. It is only fair to keep them from changing the status quo.

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date Time COUNTDOWN Episode 9 Recap Nigredo
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Credit: Madhouse

Pestonya's final attempt in persuading Ainz was to suggest sparing a few innocent lives to make them realize the folly of standing up to Nazarick. Despite his reservations, Ainz eventually agreed to Pestonya's suggestion.

This aspect of the plan is unknown to Albedo and the others, which puts Ainz in a bind. However, he shrugged it off and left it up to his future self to decide.

Count Naeura and the mithril-class adventurer Scama Elbero are watching a horde of undead that the Sorcerer Kingdom has turned from the dead bodies of citizens from nearby villages in the port city of E-Naeurl.

The Sorcerer Kingdom has dispatched two Death Knights to aid the undead horde in E-Naeurl.

While Scama is concerned, Count Naeura is confident that the Four Armaments mithril adventurer team will assist him.

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date Time COUNTDOWN Episode 9 Recap Scama Elbero Count Naeura
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Credit: Madhouse

While Count Naeura attempts to rally his troops, Lilynette of the Four Armaments seeks a different reward.

If she defeats the undead army, she wants the Five-Colors Holy Sword to be passed down to her. The latter agreed on one condition: she had to become the concubine of his third son.

In E-Naeurl, the undead army attempts to bring down the city. As Scama and the rest of the adventurers struggled to defend against the Death Knight and the Death Warrior, one member of the Adamantite adventurer team of Red Drop appeared and effortlessly defeated them.

Back in Nazarick, Shalltear is concerned about how easily the enemy defeated the Death Knight and Death Warrior. To the surprise of all the NPC guardians, Ainz told everyone that it was exactly what he expected to happen.

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date Time COUNTDOWN Episode 10 Release Date
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Credit: Madhouse

Overlord 4 Episode 10 is set to be released on September 6, 2022, in all regions, including the US, the UK, Europe, and Japan.

A preview of Overlord 4 Episode 10 has been released on Kadokawa's official YouTube channel, which you can watch below:

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Time

Overlord 4 Episode 10 Release Date Time COUNTDOWN 4 Episode 10 Release Time
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Credit: Madhouse

In Japan, Overlord 4 Episode 10 is set to broadcast on September 6, 2022, at 22:00 JST. If this information remains correct, the following release times will apply to your location:

  • Pacific Time: 7:00
  • Central Time: 9:00
  • Eastern Time: 10:00
  • British Time: 15:00

Overlord 4 Episode 10 COUNTDOWN

Overlord 4 Episode 10 COUNTDOWN

Witness how Ainz’s plan unfolds in Overlord 4 Episode 10!

Will Ainz be successful in coming into war with the Re-Estize Kingdom? Stay tuned to find out!

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