Riot Teases New VALORANT Map For Episode 3, Act 2

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VALORANT Episode 3, Act 2 is set to launch in a few days, and Riot Games has shared a couple of teasers for the new map codenamed Canyon, and reportedly called Fracture.

The seventh VALORANT map will most likely be released with the Episode 3, Act 2 update on Sept. 8, and fans are excited to find out its layout and unique elements.

Valorant Fracture
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Credit: Riot Games

The official teaser was shared on Tuesday, giving us a top-down view of the upcoming map, with what appears to be an unstable energy source breaking out. This lines up with previous teasers Riot shared in recent weeks.

On Monday night, Riot shared a different teaser featuring an unstable reactor that appears to have ripped open a huge hole in the facility's roof. It appears that there are ropes on either side of the hole, so it's likely that agents will be able to climb on them in some way like Icebox or Bind.

ValorLeaks previously shared a description of the map, which is said to be a "top-secret experiment site split apart by a radianite-fueled disaster. Flip the script on attackers with aggressive defender positioning on a new dual-biome map".

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The Night Market drop also teased the new map, which features barren desert on one side, and luscious greenery on the other, matching the descriptions shown in the teasers.

Based on the teasers we've seen so far, it looks like the new map will have unique features and landscapes we've never seen in other VALORANT maps before.

Expect Riot Games to reveal more details about the new VALORANT map in a few days.

VALORANT Episode 3, Act 2 is scheduled to launch on Sept. 8, so expect a new battle pass, weapon skins, in-game cosmetics, and more updates for the game along with the new map.


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