New Mortal Kombat Poster Offers Closer Look at Cole Young's Deadly Weapon

Any Mortal Kombat fan is well aware of the signature weapons, moves, and fatalities of the video game characters. However, the upcoming live-action adaptation of the game will introduce a new character who is still a huge mystery. So will Cole Young actually get a cool weapon and fatality of his own? The new poster for the Mortal Kombat movie offers a closer look at Cole's weapon and it's strikingly similar to another character's blades.

Lewis Tan recently shared the new poster on his official Twitter account and this time, it features all the major characters in the Mortal Kombat film. Check it out below.

It's great to see that Cole will be facing the Outworld terror with something deadly and possibly from the Outworld itself. Tan confirmed in his post that the weapon is "a Tonfa with a twist," it also looks strikingly similar to Baraka's signature Tarkatan Blades.

So is Cole using Tarkatan Blades in Mortal Kombat? It's highly unlikely since it is an organic weapon that only full-blooded male Tarkatans are born with. Perhaps the blades are something that Cole will eventually procure in the film and will be proven useful if he goes up against a Tarkatan.

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We're not yet sure if Cole will bring these weapons with him from the Earthrealm or if it will be crafted in the Outworld. Nevertheless, we're looking forward to seeing him use it against Goro this April.

The Mortal Kombat movie will premiere in selected theaters and on HBO Max on April 16.

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