New Anime-Inspired Valorant Gun Bundle Will Feature Chibi Versions of 5 Agents

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Valorant is getting a new anime-inspired weapon skin line featuring its own agents, according to an interview that content creator RyanCentral had with a developer from Riot Games.

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Credit: Via Hitscan

The new Valorant weapon bundle is called "GO VOLUME 1" and will include skins that feature anime style illustrations of Reyna, Killjoy, Cypher, Sage, and Jett. Reyna's anime look will be on the Phantom, Killjoy on the Spectre, Sage on the Ghost, Cypher on the Guardian, and Jett will be on a unique kunai melee weapon.

You can watch the interview in the HITSCAN YouTube video below:

The bundle also comes with gun buddies and player cards featuring the Chibi verisons of all of these five agents, and you can get a tease of these depictions by looking at the Glitchpop store in the Split map.

The GO VOLUME 1 skin line will be Premium Edition, so it will cost players 1,775 Valorant Points per skin or 7,100 VP for the whole bundle. The skins in Riot's tactical shooter have been top-notch, even though they are pricey. Riot just released the new Glitchpop Collection skin line earlier this month, featuring skins for the Phantom, Vandal, Operator, Classic, and an ax melee with similar color schemes and variants as the first Glitchpop bundle. Its color variants and animation can be unlocked using Radianite points, which can be earned through progressing through Valorant's Battle Pass or by purchasing them in the in-game store. It looks like the new anime-inspired weapon skins will not have any variants. GO VOLUME 2 will most likely feature Chibi versions of other Valorant agents not featured in Volume 1.

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According to RyanCentral, the developers also showed them the Celestial weapon skin line, so look forward to that video soon.

Riot hasn't officially announced the release date for both Valorant weapon bundles yet, but we'll keep you updated here on once we find out.


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