Netflix's The Sandman Live-Action Series Could Begin Production in October

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It looks like the live-action adaptation of The Sandman might be taking the first step out of production limbo. The highly-anticipated Netflix series is aiming to begin filming by October.

The news comes from producer David S. Goyer who took part in a special panel during Comic-Con@Home. Goyer revealed that although The Sandman was supposed to begin production in May, this was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to that, he was also busy with another project.

"The two things that were occupying most of my time prior to lockdown are these big-budget streaming adaptations of both Sandman and Isaac Asimov's Foundation," Goyer said. "Foundation was a little further along. We filmed about 40% of the first season when we were forced to shut down, and Sandman was supposed to start shooting in May."

Not surprisingly, Goyer admitted that although it is still in development, he has been in regular contact with the showrunner Allan Heinberg as well as author Neil Gaiman.

"I believe we were in the early scripting stage. Allan Heinberg is the day-to-day showrunner on that while I'm handling Foundation and casting and things like that. So actually, ironically, both projects are hoping to start shooting again in October," Goyer said.

This is great to know considering that the other Sandman project, an audiobook adaptation, is already moving forward. Hopefully, this would mean that the live-action series will be arriving on Netflix sooner.

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