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My Hero Academia Author Reconsidering Manga Ending Date

My Hero Academia Manga Ending Deku

With the series now in its final saga, it is believed that My Hero Academia will end soon. But in a recent message, it seems that My Hero Academia author Kohei Horikoshi is reconsidering the manga’s ending date.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 368 in this article.

Recently, details from the upcoming Weekly Shonen Jump issue have leaked online.

Among them is the author’s message from Horikoshi which is released as part of every issue.

In his message, Horikoshi said:

At the end of last year, I said the series would be over in 1 year, but it's already been 10 months. I'm reconsidering it.

Back in late 2021, Horikoshi said that he planned on ending the series in one year.

And while the series is indeed in its final stages as the climactic battle is currently happening, it seems that the series won’t conclude by this year’s end.

Given that recent leaks mentioned that the series will go on a one-week break next week, that leaves only 10 chapters if the series is planned to end in 2022.

While the climactic battle is ongoing, 10 chapters might not be enough to conclude the series considering the big battle between Deku and AFO-Shigaraki in the final saga has only just begun in the latest official chapter release.

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In case you need a refresher, My Hero Academia is a manga series by Kohei Horikoshi that began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump back in July 2014.

Since then, the series has become one of Shonen Jump’s biggest modern hits, with the series having over 65 million copies in circulation as of January 2022.

Thanks to its popularity, the series also got a TV anime adaptation by studio Bones which began in April 2016.

The anime continued to get new seasons, with the latest season beginning its broadcast this month.

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Based on the message, it’s possible that the ending for the My Hero Academia manga will be pushed to sometime in 2023.

However, it’s likely that the manga won’t be extended for too long given that the ending is in sight.

We’ll have to wait and see how the manga’s story develops before we find out when the end will be.

Though recently, we did get a new batch of leaks for the latest series chapter.

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