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Movie’s Main Villain Teased by The Flash’s Producer

Credit: Warner Bros.

After a series of delays, The Flash seems to finally back on track as it looks like the solo film of the Scarlet Speedster is about to start its production. Rumor has it that Ezra Miller's The Flash will be getting his own standalone film, entirely different and independent from the series of Grant Gustin on television. With the recent social media post of Barbara Muschietti, The Flash's producer, it seems like the Reverse-Flash is really happening at all teasing an upcoming DC movie.

In the Instagram post, Muschietti and a colleague sported The Flash socks. While the one on the right is the logo of the Flash that all are familiar with, the one on the left is a familiar logo, that of Reverse-Flash, with the yellow backdrop, reversed red lightning bolt, and a black circle.

While it can be considered that Barbara only wanted to feature The Flash apparel and it could literally mean anything, eagle-eyed fans felt that the producer is possibly teasing a possible villain for The Flash film now that The Flash is expected to start its production soon.

Barry Allen's story was introduced in the Justice League where his mother, Nora, was killed presumably by his father, Henry Allen. If the storyline is to be faithful to the DC Comics, Eobard Thawne, another villain in the life of the Scarlet Speedster, framed Henry Allen and killed Nora to ruin Barry Allen's life before he ever became The Flash.

Whether or not Reverse-Flash would be the main villain in The Flash is still unconfirmed but now that it is teased out in the open, anything is possible; any villain is possible. The great news is The Flash will surely be back on the big screen with his own film.

Ezra Miller's The Flash will join the team in the Justice League Snyder Cut in early 2021 on HBO Max.

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