Mortal Kombat: Kung Lao Actor Max Huang Reveals Unusual Preparations for Film Role

There is little doubt that actors have to go through rigorous training if they're playing a character who gets into fights. The pressure is intense for the stars of the Mortal Kombat film since they will portray the video game characters who use dangerous weapons and possess fatal moves. Interestingly, for Kung Lao actor Max Huang, it all starts with a hat.

Huang recently spoke to while working on the set of the Mortal Kombat reboot and the actor had an interesting confession about his preparations for the film. Before they started filming, Huang had created a cardboard version of Kung Lao's trademark hat to get a feel of the character's special weapon.

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We already know that Kung Lao's hat is special considering that it is tipped with razor blades. Huang revealed that it's so unique that he had to fly to a different country just to be fitted for the hat.

"It was great because they actually flew me out to New Zealand just for the hat fitting," Huang said. He then shared his initial reaction to the Kung Lao hat for the film.

"Once I was holding the hat, the real hat in my hand -- I mean it was pretty heavy. So you know a cardboard hat is quite light, I got to do a lot of moves with it. But OK, then you get the heavy hat and it's quite different," Huang said.

That might sound restrictive but Huang pointed out that it also helped him get into character for the film.

"I mean with the hat you start to really get into the role and really start to become the character I think because that's what ultimately makes him so special, is the hat," Huang said.

In the video games, Kung Lao's hat has been his ever-present and trusty weapon of choice. Although the character eventually gets a battle-ax in Mortal Kombat Gold and even a broadsword in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Kung Lao clearly favors the hat. Needless to say, we wouldn't have it any other way.

So far, it's been clear that Huang's version of Kung Lao will rely mostly on the hat. The promo images and red-band trailer for the Mortal Kombat film reveal that he doesn't have a battle-ax or a broadsword (seriously, why a broadsword?) but things could change when the movie finally premieres next month.

Mortal Kombat will be released in selected theaters and on HBO Max on April 16.

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