Monster Hunter Tops Weekend Box Office Despite China Ban Over Racist Scene

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Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

It may not have been a smooth start for the live-action adaptation of Monster Hunter following the film being pulled out in Chinese theaters, but the Milla Jovovich-led project was able to turn the tables and has taken over the weekend box office. Cinemas are still affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic but Monster Hunter was still able to garner an impressive 2.2 million dollars during its first weekend at the box office.

Lt. Artemis taking on a massive Dragon.
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Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

In case some of you weren't aware of the controversy surrounding it, the film, inspired by the hit Capcom video game was initially pulled from cinemas in China after viewers discovered that it contains a racist scene. The film's director and producers were quick to take action and later issued an apology to the Chinese fans who found the joke inappropriate. They even took down the controversial scene but that wasn't enough to change their minds as Monster Hunter remains banned in the country.

Thankfully, despite the backlash the film has received, it still managed to perform decently at the box office. And considering we're still in the middle of a global health crisis, 2.2 million isn't all that bad. It'll be interesting though how the film will continue to ride the wave of momentum especially now that Wonder Woman 1984 is just around the corner which is expected to dominate the box office during Christmas week. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Monster Hunter is screening in select cinemas.

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