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Mena Massoud is Ezra Bridger in Stunning Star Wars Art

There is little doubt that fans are currently hyped up about the recent casting news for the upcoming Ahsoka Tano series. After all, it pretty much confirmed that Ezra Bridger will appear in the highly anticipated Star Wars series and that he will be played by Aladdin star Mena Massoud. Now a new fan-made artwork imagines Massoud as the Star Wars Rebels character.

It was previously reported that Massoud will be joining Ahsoka, which will bring back Rosario Dawson as the titular Force user. It was also revealed that voice actor Lars Mikkelsen will portray his Star Wars Rebels character Grand Admiral Thrawn in the upcoming live-action series.

Although the news has not yet been confirmed by Disney and Lucasfilm, fans have already been celebrating Massoud and Mikkelsen's casting. So it's no surprise that a new fan art has been posted on Instagram and it imagines what Massoud will look like as the live-action version of Ezra. Check it out below.

We're loving the idea of Massoud playing Ezra in Ahsoka. Although he wasn't necessarily everybody's first choice (some were hoping that Rahul Kohli's campaign would land him the role), there is little doubt that Massoud will be able to play Ezra very well. For now, we're just waiting for an official announcement from Disney and Lucasfilm.

Ahsoka has not yet been given an official release date. Additionally, Dawson is the only name officially attached to the project. However, we're hoping that we'll be getting some positive new updates in the next few months. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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