Meghan Markle Shock: Prince Harry’s Upset Kate Middleton During Heads Together Outing? Duchess Of Sussex Reportedly Stole Sister-In-Law’s Soundbite By Discussing Women Empowerment

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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton used to have an amicable relationship with each other. When Markle first joined the royal family, she was oftentimes photographed hanging out with Prince William and Middleton. But their outings eventually became fewer amid reports that the sisters-in-law never really got along.

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Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Never Had The Opportunity To Become Close

In fact, royal author Omid Scobie previously wrote in his book that Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton didn’t necessarily dislike each other. It just so happened that the two didn’t have much in common, so they didn’t become best friends.


“Meghan would agree with the assessment that the duchesses were not the best of friends. Their relationship hadn’t progressed much since [Markle] was Harry’s girlfriend. Meghan was disappointed that she and Kate hadn’t bonded over the position they shared, but she wasn’t losing sleep over it,” Scobie wrote in Finding Freedom (via Grazia Magazine).

The royal author also revealed that Middleton sent Markle flowers following an incident before the latter and Prince Harry’s royal wedding. But the Duchess of Sussex would’ve reportedly loved it more if Middleton checked in on her during her most difficult times with the press.

The first and last time that the two stepped out for a joint speaking engagement was when they talked about Heads Together. At the time, the Sussexes and the Cambridges seemed to be getting along. However, a royal commentator recently said that this wasn’t the case. After all, Markle stole the limelight from Middleton during that outing.

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Meghan Markle Stole Kate Middleton’s Soundbite During Heads Together Engagement

Since Heads Together was Prince William and Middleton’s brainchild, the latter was supposed to talk about her brother, James, who was diagnosed with clinical depression. But when it was Markle’s time to talk, she shifted the narrative and started talking about women empowerment.


“Kate had really spearheaded that project, it was really her brainchild from her experiences and her work. Especially very personal experiences with her brother James who suffered from clinical depression. Meghan gave some remarks and sort of shifted the narrative. Meghan gave some remarks and sort of shifted the narrative. The headlines were then about Meghan speaking out about women’s empowerment when headlines needed to be about Kate’s mental health project,” Christine Ross said (via Express).

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Cambridge-Sussex Power Struggle Evident During Heads Together Engagement

Ross added that the Heads Together showed the power struggle and complicated dynamic between the couples. And it also became the last time that the couples spoke together at a joint event. Shortly after the outing, Prince Harry and Markle spearheaded their own initiatives.


In her book, The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor – The Truth and the Turmoil, royal author Tina Brown also talked about Markle and Middleton’s Heads Together outing.

“With blithe proprietorship, she deployed an issue that was not even on the foundation’s docket—women’s empowerment, then at its fervid height with the acceleration of the #MeToo movement. ‘Women don’t need to find a voice. They have a voice. They need to feel empowered to use it,’ Meghan quotably exhorted as Harry looked on with awe and his brother and Kate stood by with expressionless irritation,” Brown said.

As of writing, it’s unclear if Markle and Middleton are on better terms. But during last year’s tell-all with Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess of Sussex confirmed that the rumors that she made Middleton cry weren’t true. In fact, it was the other way around. But the Suits alum also refused to go into detail because Middleton had already apologized to her and even sent her flowers.

As for Middleton, the mom of three has never once talked about Markle during her interviews.

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