Meghan Markle Shock: Carole Middleton Plans To Confront Duchess When She Visits UK? Prince Harry’s Wife Attending Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton is very close to her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton. So, it’s not surprising to know that Michael and Carole are very protective of the Duchess of Cambridge, as well as their two other children, Pippa and James.

Prince William’s Friends Insulted Carole Middleton

When Middleton and Prince William first started dating, the latter’s friends reportedly made some rude comments about Carole, and this hurt Middleton’s feelings.

“William's upper-crust friends would ridicule Carole's former career [as a flight attendant] by sneeringly whispering 'doors to manual' when Kate was out of earshot. And courtiers claimed the brunette was unsuitable for William as her mum did not speak in a posh enough way,” a source told Mirror UK.

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Queen Elizabeth Liked Kate Middleton’s Dad More Than Her Mom

The source also said that Queen Elizabeth was more drawn to Middleton’s dad than her mom.

“Put bluntly, the Queen seems to like Kate’s father, Michael, but the courtiers sense that there are big question marks over the mother. She is pushy, rather twee, and incredibly middle-class. She uses words such as ‘Pleased to meet you,’ ‘toilet,’ and ‘pardon,’” another source told Daily Mail.

Carole was also accused of spending more time with her grandchildren compared to Prince Charles, and this didn’t, reportedly, sit well with the royal family.

Carole Middleton Plans To Confront Meghan Markle

New Idea, in its Jan. 3 issue, claimed that Carole also had some negative feelings toward some members of the royal family, particularly Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

An unnamed source said that the 66-year-old cannot wait to confront Markle when she returns to the United Kingdom for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

“Carole is a real mama bear with her children, even when one of them is the future queen. Her blood boiled when she heard Meghan on Oprah accusing Kate of making her cry,” the unnamed source said.

Middleton’s mom allegedly asked for Markle’s itinerary when she returns to the United Kingdom to make sure that she will be able to have a quiet word with her.

“As the mother of the future queen and the grandmother of the future king, Carole has a certain power at Kensington Palace. A lot of the team there are putty in her hands and would be only too happy to help. Carole doesn’t care if she has to intercept Meghan in the halls of Windsor Castle. She will make sure she gets a chance to speak with her,” the unnamed source claimed.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Won’t Cross Paths With Carole Middleton

As of press writing, there’s still no confirmation about Prince Harry and Markle attending the queen’s platinum jubilee. And even if the Sussexes do attend the event, it’s unlikely for Carole to confront the Suits alum.

If Carole wanted to have a quiet word with Markle, she would’ve already reached out to the Duchess of Sussex even via phone.

Rumors about Carole are not new. But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that she has a wonderful relationship with her family and Prince William.

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Prince William, Carole Middleton Are Close

In fact, a source said that Prince William is very close to his mother-in-law.

“William got on well with Carole. He liked flopping down on the sofas in their Berkshire home, enjoying the normality of that. The Queen was fond of Kate and liked her father, but let's just say there was a feeling that Mrs. Middleton was not right or acceptable,” the source said.

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