Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Shock: Sussexes' 'Not Fully In Sync' Despite Public Display Of Affection

Credit: CBS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: CBS/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are so tactile that they often hold hands when they are out in public, even during royal engagements. Inbaal Honigman, astrologer and body language expert, weighed in on the couple's physical affection, and here's what she says.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Are Certainly In Love

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex cannot keep their hands off each other when they are out and about. When they were still working royals, they would attend royal engagements while holding hands.

The royal couple has maintained their PDA after they stepped down from their royal duties. They did the same when they flew to New York in September for the Global Live Citizen festival.

Honigman said that it's apparent they are "certainly in love." The couple has only been married for three years and just welcomed their second child, baby Lili, in June. The pair is still in a "very loving stage of relationship."

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"So their constant hand-holding, cuddling, leaning on each other, are displays of affection, which are definitely genuine and not for the cameras," she told Express.

She added that Markle is an emotional Leo and Prince Harry is a stable Virgo. And what they are showing is exactly what you will expect from their signs.

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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry's Relationship Is Not Perfect

Although the Sussexes are in love and their affections are genuine, the expert noted that their relationship is not perfect.

"They are in sync, but not fully in sync. They are likely to argue then make up," the expert added. "Their relationship isn't fully smooth sailing, but they're both old enough to know that every problem has a solution, and every argument can be resolved with some love and some compassion."

Honigman said they do not pull fake faces and their responses are not 100 percent united. She stressed that although Prince Harry and Markle know each other, they do not morph into one another, which is healthy.

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