Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Shock: Sussexes Didn't Give Royal Life Enough Time Before Exit, Royal Biographer Andrew Morton Claims

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were very popular when they still served the monarchy. However, their popularity in the U.K has continuously dropped since they stepped down from their royal duties and moved to the United States. A royal expert weighed in on their decision to leave their royal lives and said they didn't give it enough time before making a decision.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Made Royal Exit Too Soon?

Royal biographer Andrew Morton, author of Diana, shared his thought about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to leave their royal duties. For him, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a haste decision because they didn't give their lives in the palace enough time to see if it would work for them.


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"The great tragedy, I think, is that Meghan and Harry didn't give it long enough to see whether they could give it a go. They were on the out almost before the wedding music had finished," Morton said on The Mirror's podcast Pod Save the Queen.

The expert felt that it was a miss for the former Suit actress, especially because Morton felt that Markle was a natural for it.

"Meghan is a natural, I've got pictures of her when she was age 10 leading a march against the first Gulf War at her school. The local TV cameras turned up and she was there giving interviews," he explained.

"She spoke at the United Nations with Hillary Clinton. She had the great possibility of using her talent and her position to make a genuine change to the world. I don't think she's going to make such a change living in Montecito."

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Prince Harry Reportedly Found Meghan Markle His 'Way Out' From The Palace


Prince William's brother has been open about his desire to live a normal life. Several experts believed that he wanted to leave his royal life even before he met his wife, Meghan Markle. However, it was her who enabled him to carry out what he really wanted.

According to Mortin, even if the Sussexes announced their exit in 2020, they had been planning as early as four months after their wedding. When Prince Harry and Markle visited New Zealand for their first royal tour abroad, they were reportedly planning to live in the country and even talked to the Prime Minister there.

"It didn't work out because when it actually comes down to it, Prince Harry is cursed with charisma but hates being a prince, and I think that he saw Meghan as a way out," Morton said. "They didn't have to leave the royal family in the way that they did, but they did."

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Morton also said that Prince Harry talked with Oprah Winfrey after they returned from their royal tour in November 2019. The Meghan: A Hollywood Princess scribe claimed the couple "were thinking about a different direction of travel pretty early on."

Apparently, leaving the palace had been reportedly part of their plan, especially for Prince Harry. Royal biographer Tina Brown, author of The Palace Papers, even argued with the term "Megxit" because the couple's royal exit was, for her, Prince Harry's plot.

"He wanted out and she enabled him to do what he wanted. She was strong enough to say, 'You know what? You want out. I can make it happen,'" Brown told Page Six.


"If not but for Meghan he wouldn’t have found a way out because he basically was a man who had everything done for him all of his life," the author added. "He had never carved a life for himself. Meghan was very much a self-starter, a self-made successful woman. She knew who to call at Netflix. He wasn’t worldly like Meghan was worldly."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal life.

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