Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Shock: Sussex Couple Will Return To The UK If Allowed To Film Netflix Documentary, Royal Biographer Angela Levin Claims

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are heading to Europe for the Invictus Games.

It's their first trip to Europe together after they stepped back from their royal duties. A royal biographer claimed that the couple might return to his home country on one condition — if allowed to bring cameras for a Netflix documentary.

Meghan Markle May Return To The UK Only For Netflix Cameras


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left England in 2020 after they carried out their final royal engagement. Since then, Markle hasn't returned there. Meanwhile, Prince Harry returned twice without his family to attend Prince Philip's funeral and for the unveiling of his mom Princess Diana's statue on her supposed 60th birthday in July.

However, royal biographer Angela Levin believed that there is one thing that could bring them back to his home country — Netflix cameras. The pair signed a multi-million, multi-year deal with Netflix, and Levin speculated that if they needed to film in England, then the pair would fly there for their Netflix project.

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Markle has made a few public appearances this year. However, the duchess will join her husband in the Netherland for the Invictus Games. Levin believed it was because they had to film for a Netflix documentary.

"Meghan is going because they're doing the next Netflix documentary," the Harry: A Biography of a Prince author told The Sun. "The Invictus Games don't belong to her, she likes taking over things that she thinks will be productive for her. She's not necessary there."

When asked whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would return to the U.K. this year, the royal commentator gave the same response.

"I think they'll come back if we’ll allow them to bring Netflix cameramen, they won't come otherwise," Levin said.

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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Snubbed Prince Philip's Funeral

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not attend Prince Philip's memorial service last month. The royal couple already announced it weeks before the event. However, many still criticized them.

Levin said their move was a "snub," and it "deeply hurt" the royal family. The royal author added that Prince Harry wasn't the same man she met in 2018 when she worked on his biography.

Prince Harry already raised security concerns in the U.K. According to the Duke of Sussex, he doesn't feel it's safe for him to bring his family to his home country. He had been requesting for police protection and even offered to personally pay for it, but the Home Office declined it twice.

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Prince Harry sought a judicial review and is currently still in a legal battle over the issue. It was probably the reason why he didn't attend his grandfather's memorial service.

Meanwhile, Markle's dad, Thomas Markle Sr., was also disappointed with Prince Harry for skipping the event. According to him, what his son-in-law did was unforgivable.


"Attending and giving respect and God's grace to Prince Philip for a lifetime of service was very important to the Queen, and for them to not show up is like a slap in the face to the Queen and unforgivable," he said on his YouTube show Remarkable Friendship with Karl Larsen. "The British people won't forgive them for that, and they shouldn't. Otherwise, it was a good service and went down very well. And well deserved for that man."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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